In Grade 5 math, a child will continue learning factors with HCF and LCM. They will also learn addition, subtraction ,multiplication and division of factors and decimals as well. Apart from this, new concepts of ratio and percentages will be introduced. Geometry will be more advanced with problems based on area and perimeter plus the inclusion of volume in the syllabus.

At this stage, students will start learning the different methods that can be used to solve a problem. They will be taught to develop their own approach in tackling a problem. They will learn about the different procedure through Cuemath’s unique class 5 math Worksheet which will encourage free and unrestrained thinking.

These are the topics that will be covered in Grade 5 math. The Cuemath program brings in very talented teachers who are committed to making sure your child develops strong logical and analytical skills that can be applied towards all walks of life.

Math worksheets for grade 5 students are crucial as more advanced concepts like decimals and factors are introduced along with ratio and percentages. Grade 5 math worksheets challenge students to develop efficient ways to tackle these topics. Geometry will also feature prominently in the worksheet as students start dealing with lines and angles.

Grade 5 Worksheets

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