Grade 6 represents a shift from the definite arithmetics that students have been working with till Grade 5, to abstract ideas and variables. Many students find it challenging to cope with this sudden change. More often than not, schools do not have the time and resources to combat the confusion that students face with the introduction of algebra, with its myriad of abstract concepts. 

Students are also introduced to negative numbers in the form of integers at this stage. Computing integers can also be a challenging concept for students to grasp. With the Cuemath program, ample time and focus will be given to familiarize the child with these new concepts. Cuemath also provides students with various resources like 3D visual aids and math worksheets to ensure that students do not miss out on the fundamental principles.

These are the topics that will be covered in Grade 6 math. The Cuemath program brings in very talented teachers who are committed to making sure your child develops strong logical and analytical skills that can be applied towards all walks of life.

Grade 6 math worksheets equips students with the skills required to excel, not only in their school math but in other subjects like science. Comprehension of new concepts like integers and algebra are crucial for later ages and competitive exams.

Grade 6 Worksheets

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