Numbers and Number System - JEE Main Backup

This chapter starts with a basic overview of natural and whole numbers along with integers. It then proceeds to describe the theory of rational numbers. Next, rational numbers are described in the context of a number line, and an interesting thought experiment is presented to show that between any two rational numbers, no matter how close, there will exist infinitely many rational numbers. Afterward, the types of the decimal representation of rational numbers (terminating and non-terminating) are explained. Following this, it is observed that there are discontinuities along a rational number line and irrational numbers are introduced to explain this observation. Further, the decimal representation of irrational numbers is taken up for explanation, which is followed by an introduction of complex numbers. Finally, rationalization of irrational expressions is explained, supplemented by a section on using algebraic identities.

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From Naturals to Rationals

Irrationals and Reals

Working with Irrational Expressions