Areas Under Curves

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In this chapter, we will learn how to calculate areas and volumes using definite integrals. This chapter deals with calculating areas under curves, areas bounded by curves, volumes under surfaces and volumes bounded by surfaces etc. Areas and volumes calculation completely involves the concept of Definite Integrals and knowledge of “Definite Integration” is needed to evaluate integrals. Though, the learning will be mostly about areas, the calculating of volumes will also be part of this for additional knowledge. At the end of this section, we have a series of exercises to test your understanding of this chapter, solved examples, previous years’ IIT JEE questions pertaining to this chapter.

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Problem Sets on Areas and Volumes


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Areas Under Curves
grade 11 | Questions Set 2
Areas Under Curves
grade 11 | Answers Set 2
Areas Under Curves
grade 11 | Questions Set 1
Areas Under Curves
grade 11 | Answers Set 1
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