Binomial Theorem

This chapter begins with an introduction to trace the origins of this theorem to the coefficients we obtain when we expand any binomial term raised to an integral power.Binomial Theorem, Positive Integral Index is discussed in the first section.The general term of expansion and binomial coefficients are explained in this section. The subject of the second section is Differentiation and Integration Techniques which enable us to sum a lot of series involving binomial coefficients.Some important miscellaneous techniques which are used to solve binomial co-efficients are dealt in the third section.The net section deals with Binomial Theorem applied to a general scenario and Rational Index.At the end of this section, we have a series of exercises to test your understanding of this chapter,solved examples, previous years’ IIT JEE questions pertaining to this chapter.

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Basics of Binomial Theorem

Advanced Applications of Binomial Theorem

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Binomial Theorem
grade 11 | Questions Set 1
Binomial Theorem
grade 11 | Answers Set 1
Binomial Theorem
grade 11 | Questions Set 2
Binomial Theorem
grade 11 | Answers Set 2
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