Applications of Derivatives

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This chapter deals with the applications of differentiation and derivatives to solve practical problems and has five sections.The first section deals with the procedure to determine the equation of the tangent and normal to an arbitrary curve at a given point.In the second section, we turn our attention to Monotonicity or the strictly increasing / decreasing nature of functions and how the concept of derivatives can help us in determining this nature.The concept of maxima and minima is introduced in the third section and the procedure to evaluate extremum points and convexity / concavity is dealt here.Rolle’s Theorem, Lagrange’s Mean Value Theorem and Errors / Approximations is presented in the fourth section.The focus of section five is to discuss more advanced graphs by analyzing their nature using the knowledge of derivatives.At the end of this section, we have a series of exercises to test your understanding of this chapter,solved examples, previous years’ IIT JEE questions pertaining to this chapter.

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Tangents and Normals


Maxima and Minima

Miscellaneous Applications of Derivatives

Graphing Using Derivatives

Applications of Derivatives


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Applications of Derivatives
grade 11 | Questions Set 1
Applications of Derivatives
grade 11 | Answers Set 1
Applications of Derivatives
grade 11 | Questions Set 2
Applications of Derivatives
grade 11 | Answers Set 2
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