This chapter on Probability has five sections.The first section provides motivation and introduction to learn probability through some examples from everyday life that’ll give you an idea of the mathematical significance of probability.It also gives an insight about the concepts that are commonly dealt in Probability such as Event, outcome, equally likely etc. The second section deals more about events and the ways to evaluate probabilities. Baye’s Theorem, the concept of inverse probability  is discussed in the third section.Section four deals with Random variables and probability distribution , particularly Binomial Distribution in detail.Some interesting probability questions and also some open-ended questions are introduced in the last section.At the end of this section, we have a series of exercises to test your understanding of this chapter,solved examples, previous years’ IIT JEE questions pertaining to this chapter.

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Basics of Probability

Baye'S Theorem

Probability Distributions and Their Properties

Random Walks, Continuous Probability and More



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