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“Math is foundational. Machine learning is all just mathematics. It’s easier to train a good mathematician in computer science than the other way around”
- Sundar Pichai, CEO Google

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Our Coding curriculum for grades 1-3 is designed to help students:
Curriculum that helps students:
Get a great introduction to programming fundamentals through block-based coding.
Learn the basics of Javascript, one of today’s most popular programming languages.
Ideate and develop interactive games and fun applications.
Master fundamental math concepts as they learn coding.
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Fundamental computer science concepts

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Over 20,000 Parents love Cuemath
“ Cuemath provides a platform where kids can learn to think beyond the school syllabus through interactive tools, simulations & more. It excites kids to learn math and grow logical ”
Geethika Luthra
“ Cuemath is a valuable addition to our family. We love solving the puzzle cards. My daughter is now visualizing maths and solving problems effectively! ”
Gary Schwartz
Hannah’s dad
“ Personal attention from the Cuemath tutor works well. The variety of problems presented, and the teacher's guidance towards solutions has helped challenge my son to think logically, on his own. ”
Mamta Sinha
Ishaan's mom
Meet our Coding experts
Teachers at Cuemath do not tell the answers, they simply CUE the students in the right direction, helping kids discover Math concepts on their own.
I try to keep kids engaged using interactive methods.
Mandeep Kaur
Masters in Computer Applications
My students learn the concepts in the logical way.
Vaishali Joy Thaker
Electronics Engg
I try to make learning an enjoyable experience.
Pradnya Ranshur
Bachelor in Computer
My students learn the concepts in the logical way.
Vaishali Joy Thaker
Electronics Engg
I try to make learning an enjoyable experience.
Pradnya Ranshur
Bachelor in Computer
Math applied as logic can solve coding problem.
Shaila Pawaskar
B.E. Electronics
I try to keep kids engaged using interactive methods.
Mandeep Kaur
Masters in Computer Applications

Coding for Kids

Coding for kids is becoming an increasingly popular topic. Not only does it give children a look into the vast world of kids programming, but also put kids ahead when compared to their peers. Introducing kids coding at a young age can truly set up your child for skills that are necessary for the bright future and joining kids coding classes during one’s formative years can prove to be highly resourceful.  

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Coding for Kids - What is It?

Coding for kids is the collection of opportunities available for children to get involved in coding. These opportunities aim to be fun and gamified to keep the young mind engaged. Online kids coding helps to learn a skill so early which can boost a child’s logical brain capacity and also build on their quick decision-making abilities.

You can think of coding for kids as a collection of opportunities that kids can use to develop an interest in coding and learn it well. The most important feature of online coding classes for kids is that it aims to make programming fun for young minds while ensuring that a student has clear concepts.

Best Coding Classes for Kids

The best coding classes for kids are those which use fun and innovative methods to teach students how to code. These classes provide an adaptable curriculum so that students can work at their own pace. They motivate students to learn coding by keeping them interested. Cuemath is an online educational platform that provides amazing resources for the purpose of teaching kids how to code.

Kids coding classes are usually taught using content that is high-interest while creating projects that involve creative input. In short, a kids coding program is typically made in making it fun for kids to understand better. Most parents opt for the best kids coding classes to help boost a child’s logical brain capacity.

Kids Coding Curriculum

A good kids coding curriculum should always start with developing logic and algorithms before actually coding. The next step is introducing them to a simple language such as C++, Python, Javascript, etc. Next, they need to be given several practice problems to understand how to code different problems.

For example, breaking the problem down into chunks and then solving is one method. Eventually, kids should be comfortable working with any programming language as they have crystal concepts.

Benefits of Kids Coding Classes

As mentioned before, coding for kids is probably an essential skill required in today’s age. By turning to online kids coding classes, a student gets the correct guidance enabling him to solve complicated problems. Why is coding important for kids to learn? Listed below are the key benefits of kids learning how to code.

Kids Coding Promotes Logical and Computational Thinking

Introducing kids coding right from the fundamentals, starting from logic sequencing, algorithmic thinking to express creativity has a benefit for a child to early logical thinking. Before building a code, an algorithm has to be created. The only way to do this is by using logic while making sure that the code is not long, and there are no redundancies. Hence, a kid starts thinking of how to solve the problem in the most optimal way. Coding for kids thus helps students to think logically.

Coding Classes Help Kids to Develop Problem-solving Abilities

Kids coding classes are basic literacy in the digital age.To solve any question which requires programming, a student has to find the most optimal steps. These steps need to be based on logic and mathematics. Kids coding enables young minds to think analytically. This is a skill of solving problems quickly that can be applied to daily life.

Programming Helps Kids to Anticipate and Avoid Problems

There are some genuinely mind-boggling questions out there that coders have to find the solution to. Another challenge that coders face on a daily basis is during the process of debugging, if there is an error message, finding it can be very frustrating. Thus, with kids coding, students learn how to handle such problems and if possible, avoid them altogether.

Kids Coding Promotes Structural and Algorithmic Thinking

Coding classes for kids prepare students to break challenges into more manageable parts, it promotes structural thinking. The fundamentals of kids coding are based on mathematics which inevitably leads to a student developing strong analytical skills. Taking into account the run time, optimization required and logic involved, kids can come up with creative ways to solve the question. Such algorithmic and creative thinking when applied to any field always yields splendid results.

Coding Prepares Kids for Skills that are Necessary for the Future

Kids coding promotes several skills such as problem-solving, analytical thinking, creativity, resilience, etc. These are essential abilities that can be applied to daily life or future career growth. With the advancement of technology, all fields are shifting to artificial intelligence and machine learning. After a point, there will not be a single field that doesn’t use coding. Hence, coding for kids can help students to acquire these skills at a young age and get conditioned to think in a particular way that can be used for the future.

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How to Choose the Best Kids Coding Classes Online?

There are several institutes providing online coding classes for kids. However, to get a good quality of education at the most optimal price, you need to put in the effort to find the best kids coding class available. You can use the following points as a guideline to choose the best kids coding classes online:

  • Go through the learning material, and the curriculum followed by an online kids coding class. It should be organized and well-structured to avoid any confusion.
  • The tutors should be readily available to help a student with clearing his doubts. This enables kids to build a strong foundation in one topic before moving on to another.
  • The fee structure of an online kids coding class also needs to be taken into consideration. You must do research on the services provided by the Institute for the cost of classes.
  • Kids coding classes should offer a flexible curriculum to ensure that a child can maintain his learning pace without getting pressured.

Programming Languages for Kids

To work with any programming language, a student needs to have clear basics in logic and algorithm development. He must also learn auxiliary skills required to code. With a few tweaks in the syntax and presentation, a student can code in any language. However, it could be easier to work with a few languages at a beginner’s level.

Top Kids Coding Languages in 2021

A few of the top kids coding languages in 2021 are listed below:

  • Python for Kids: Python is great for kids coding, especially as the first programming language. It is used for web development, mathematical computations, etc. It is easy for kids to develop and build code as the syntax is very similar to the English language, hence, making coding for kids fun.
  • HTML: It is the standard language that is used in the creation of web pages and websites. The structure of the webpage is described by HTML. So if you are interested in becoming a web developer, this is an excellent language to start your journey.
  • JavaScript Programming for Kids: Javascript is one of the most widely used programming languages for web development. It is an object-oriented and procedural programming language. It is used to run databases, web servers, word processors, etc.
  • C++ for Kids: This language is used in large projects and has an object-oriented structure. It works very well for such massive tasks as programmers can handle individual parts of the program or objects and eventually flawlessly combine each other's codes.
  • JAVA Programming for Kids: Java is an excellent language to learn for kids starting their programming journey. One platform can be used to write a software program, and another can be used to run it. It is used for software development, mobile applications and is also used in the development of large systems.

Future Scope of Kids Coding

While programming is logic-based, it’s also an extremely creative activity. If your kids know how to code, they can develop apps, video games, websites, and more. Introducing kids programming can change the way they interact with the technologies we use daily and can open their eyes to the infinite possibilities of coding.

Thus, it is safe to say that in the future coding will be used in every industry. More opportunities will be available to a person who knows how to code as opposed to someone without this skill.

Best Ways to Teach Kids Programming?

Learning how to code might seem daunting at first; however, it is the most interesting skill to acquire, especially for kids if taught in a stepwise manner. Teaching young minds can prove to be a hard task.

The reason for this is that they have a very short attention span and lose interest in what they are learning very quickly. Thus, the first step in teaching kids programming is ensuring that they remain motivated to study. Thus, incorporating games, interactive activities and fun visuals is the way to go when teaching kids programming.

Another aspect to focus on is giving students several practice questions on a particular topic. This not only helps them in building a strong conceptual understanding but also enables them to be confident in that topic. Here are a few useful tips that can be helpful while teaching kids to code.

  • Define coding
  • Talk about coding languages
  • Get kids interested in learning to code
  • Make coding tangible

Top Free and Paid Kids Coding/Programming Resources

There are several free and paid resources available to kids coding that help them in their coding journey. However, before availing any platform it is best to check your skills. For example, a beginner should avail a paid resource as he will be sure that the matter being taught is reliable and guidance will be provided whenever required. Some of the top free and paid kids coding resources are listed below.

Coding Games for Kids

Coding games for kids are a good way to teach students how to code as they combine fun with learning. Having children learn coding at a young age prepares them for the future. Coding helps children with communication, creativity, math, writing, and confidence. Below are some best free and paid coding games for kids that teach programming:

Free Platforms:

  • Code Karts: Coding puzzles in the form of racetracks are used to introduce coding concepts.
  • Think and Learn Code-a-pillar: A caterpillar is used as a lead in this game wherein kids have to guide them to advance to the next level. This helps them to develop logical skills.
  • Bee-Bot: This game has 12 levels, and kids have to use directional language to maneuver the bee bot through the levels.

Paid Platforms:

  • LittleCodr: It is a simple card game that is used to perform movements enabling its users to learn debugging, coding, etc.
  • Osmo Coding Jam: It allows kids to create music using hands-on coding blocks.
  • Cork the Volcano: It is a hands-on game allowing kids to combine interactive tiles to navigate the characters of the game.

Coding Websites for Kids

Kids coding is a basic literacy in the digital age, and it is important for kids to understand and be able to work with and understand the technology around them. Websites promoting coding for kids not only provide free coding videos but can also offer certified tutors who can guide a student through their coding journey. Given below is the list of websites available to help your child get basic ideas firsthand:

  • Cuemath: It is an excellent platform to avail quality education with its interactive classes.
  • Khan Academy: It has tutorials to help students understand basic coding concepts.
  • Scratch: It is a good platform for beginners. Kids can arrange blocks rather than write full lines of code to perform actions.
  • Code.org: It provides several coding resources for novices, including games.
  • Swift playgrounds: It provides interactive puzzles and basic coding lessons.
  • Code Monster: It is useful for beginners as it shows what each line of code accomplishes while simultaneously writing it.

Kids Coding apps

Luckily, coding apps for kids are out there in abundance, and there is no shortage of tools available for you to help them. Both paid and free kids coding apps  are available, giving your children the chance to play games, solve problems, practice logical thinking, and develop essential skills for tomorrow’s world.

Kids Coding apps provide a visual and interactive way for students to learn how to code. They offer a variety of puzzles, quizzes, and fun games to promote learning.

  • Code Spark Academy: It provides several interactive activities to help kids understand how to code.
  • Kodable: It focuses on teaching core programming concepts.
  • mBlock: It is based on SCRATCH and supports both block-based and text-based programming.
  • Lightbot: It is a programming puzzle game with increasing levels of complexity.
  • Tynker: It provides a range of programming methods starting from simple voice instructions to real-world coding with Python and JavaScript.
  • Box Island: It has amazing 3D graphics enabling students to learn programming in a fun and interactive way.

About Cuemath Online Kids Coding Classes

Cuemath’s online coding classes for kids is one of the best programs that young minds can avail to learn how to code well. The certified tutors combine innovative teaching techniques with quality study material to deliver an effective lecture.

Our kids coding curriculum is divided into Tracks. Each track has two levels. The first track focuses on the basics of computer programming along with the basic game development using block-based coding. The second track will focus on mobile app development, also using block-based programming. After these basics modules are done, then we move to Python and other programming languages.

They also use a vast plethora of resources such as interactive puzzles, visual simulations, etc to teach a topic. By providing several practice questions and readily available guidance, a student is sure to become a master coder in no time.

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FAQs on Kids Coding

What is Programming for Kids?

Coding/programming for kids is the collection of opportunities available for children to get involved in Programming. These opportunities aim to be fun and game-based to keep the young mind engaged. Kids who are learning how to code are basically learning how to communicate with the computer to perform certain tasks.

Why is the Cuemath Program Better than Other Online Coding Classes for Kids?

Cuemath is the best program to avail for online kids coding classes. The certified tutors ensure that students’ concepts are clear. They use innovative ways to teach and integrate fun with learning. Tutors focus on cueing a student rather than just giving him the end answer enabling him to develop problem-solving and analytical skills.

How do I Teach my Child to Code?

Before introducing coding for kids, you need to get them interested in the topic. You can do this by introducing him to the history of coding, give an introduction including a few programming languages, fun games, and relatable real-world applications. The next step is to ease them into coding, which can be done by using a reliable website such as Cuemath.

Kids coding involves writing computer programs using programming languages that can range from visual drag and drop languages to text-based languages like Java or Python. Kids coding is usually taught using content that is both educational and entertaining.

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Are Online Coding Classes for Kids Worth It?

Online coding classes for kids are the best way for them to learn coding. They offer an adaptable curriculum, and a student can complete the lectures whenever he is free. Another added benefit is that as the medium of delivery is online, they are cheaper. Certain coding classes, such as Cuemath also provide a plethora of resources to instill crystal clear concepts in students.

Kids as young as 7 years of age can start coding and learning programming basics. Introducing Kids coding when they're young can set them up for a lifetime of opportunities for success.

What is the Best Way to Teach Kids Programming?

The best way to teach kids programming is by using interactive apps and visual simulations. The main focus should be on delivering quality education while making the learning experience fun for kids. Websites such as Cuemath provide a very well structured course to teach kids programming.

What are the Best Programming Languages for Kids?

There are several programming languages available; however, the key is to develop good logical thinking and algorithm building skills. Some of the most prominently used programming languages for kids  are as follows.

How Much Does Online Coding Classes for Kids Cost?

The cost of an online coding class for kids varies largely depending upon the grade a student is in. You must do comprehensive research on coding classes available and their cost. However, you should enroll in a class that is reliable such as Cuemath. You can avail a well-organized curriculum, several resources, certified tutors, etc., without breaking the bank.

What is the Duration and Frequency of Online Classes? How Long Will it Take my Child to Learn to Code?

Online kids coding classes usually provide a flexible schedule so that a student can work at his own pace. It takes time to learn how to code especially if you want your kid to have a strong base. However, by diligently practicing questions and taking the help of good online coding classes for kids such as Cuemath students are sure to become master coders.

How Online Kids Coding Classes Can Help Students in School?

The school curriculum is very mundane and monotonous. The focus is on good grades rather than clearing concepts and giving out practice questions. By joining an online coding class, kids can strengthen their understanding of coding. Apart from getting good grades in school, coding for kids can help them to acquire several skills such as logical and computational thinking, problem-solving abilities, etc.

How Kids Coding Classes Promotes Logical, Computational, and Algorithmic Thinking?

Not only does coding for kids teach students how to approach a problem with logic but it also teaches them patience and persistence. Before writing a code, a student must understand the logic required to solve that question. Once that is done, he needs to write an algorithm that will be used to build the code. Hence with these activities, kids coding can help students to develop logical, computational, and algorithmic thinking skills.