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Cuemath teaches the core concepts of computer programming in online coding classes. These lay the foundations for future coding success. Your kids will learn.
Designing Android user interfaces
Layouts and Forms (GUI)
Timers & Animation
Basics of mobile game development
Benefits Of Learning Early With Cuemath
Cuemath’s kids coding classes will help students design and develop their very own apps & games using visual, blocks-based programming. It will help them practice concepts in..
Angles & Shapes
Statistics and Probability


Other Relevant Topics

Game Development via Block-based Coding

  • Command Sequence
  • For-loops
  • Events
  • Nested loops
  • Code Reviews
  • Code Optimisation
  • If-else conditions
  • While-loops
2 Levels
Grade 1-3
40 Hours

App Development via Block-based Coding

  • Event-based program
  • Basic design
  • Defining buttons
  • Adding screens
  • Controlling variables
  • User input
  • If-else statements
  • Conditional logic
2 Levels
Grade 4-8
40 Hours

Game Development via Python

  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Conditional statements
  • Event listeners
  • Modules
  • Dictionaries
  • Files & classes
  • Function arguments
2 Levels
Grade 5-10
40 Hours

Web Development via HTML-CSS Javascript

  • Lists, tables & forms
  • Divs & backgrounds
  • Styling through CSS
  • Blocks & Inlines
  • Data types
  • Operators
  • Boolean logic
  • Switch statements
2 Levels
Grade 7+
40 Hours

Java (AP Computer Sci A)

  • Primitive types
  • Objects
  • Boolean expressions
  • Iteration
  • Writing classes
  • Arrays
  • Inheritance
  • Recursion
2 Levels
Grade 7+
40 Hours

Game Development via Block-based Coding

App Development via Block-based Coding

Game Development via Python

Web Development via HTML-CSS Javascript

Java (AP Computer Sci A)

App Development for Kids

To code means to think. It requires technical knowledge plus creativity to understand the language computers understand and to write commands in it that computers can execute. When children get to code, they find a whole new dimension wherein they can express themselves, and their capabilities to think to observe, and execute is enhanced. Any simple computer is enough for children to start with some basic coding.  

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App development for kids helps students to learn the coding basics required for smartphones and is very empowering for the child. Children get the opportunity not just to play the games but actually make new games themselves.

What is App Development for Kids?

When starting with the development of an App, kids first learn the basics of coding. How to design a code and how to test it. Coding for kids involves understanding different logic structures like If Else statements, Loops like While loop and For loop, and how to make a program recursive. Children need to understand the use of variables and how they are stored and used. Such programming basics are essential to begin App development.

Also, children will learn how to run a code in the smartphone environment, as per the operating system used by the smartphone the code and its syntax might vary but the underlying algorithm and the programming basics remain the same.

Is Mobile App Development Important for Kids to Learn?

For the past few years, mobile apps have revolutionized the way humans communicate, eat, live, travel, speak and think. They have become an integral part of our everyday lives and we cannot imagine even a single day without them. Kids have been using technology as much as we are, with school learning happening online.

Now that we’ve established how important apps are in our daily lives, why is it so? Apps surround us and make our life convenient and convenience is what everyone is looking for. With the ability to provide convenience with just the push of a button apps are and will continue a necessity. Cuemath’s app development program for kids is built to ensure that children today create technology, and not just use it.

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With our programs specially constructed around app development and its implementation in the days to come, it proves to be the right launching pad for your kids. Our programs can catapult your child into a career of mobile app development that can be on both android and apple.

App Development is just as important as learning any other subject in school and will continue to be a platform for creating entrepreneurs, and problem-solvers of the future. Take the step that will be the first of many more to come! Mobile app development is the future, coding classes online are the future!

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FAQs on App Development for Kids

Why Should Kids Learn App Development?

We're seeing a fundamental shift in the way people are using their mobile devices. We want to enable kids to create mobile applications that allow them to engage the mobile space as developers regardless of their computer programming knowledge. App development for kids is a powerful tool for exposing students to the world of computer programming and helping them become creators of technology rather than just consumers of it.

What is Mobile App Development for Kids?

Mobile app development for kids is a study done by kids to learn App for smartphones on their own. It involves grasping the concepts of coding and by taking one step at a time work towards the creation of an App that works on smartphones efficiently.

Can I Develop App without a Phone?

Yes. App development includes an emulator for the phone. Kids will design the UI on the emulator, create apps, and try them out.

Do I Need to Download or Install Anything for Kids App Development Sessions?

App development sessions for kids are completely web-based meaning there is no need to download anything prior.

How Do I Start Developing my Own App?

With no prior experience required in the field of mobile app development, we cater to a general age group of 6-16. Creating your own app will be a possibility with just a few classes in. We can help you build your very first android or iPhone mobile app via our online classes.

What Skills Can a Student Develop Through Mobile App Development for Kids?

The possibilities are endless. Mobile app development for kids can help imbibe skills via practical application. Students will work on their analytical, communication, decision making problem solving, and creative thinking skills to name just a few.

Are App Development Classes for Kids Worth It?

App development for Kids is made easy and accessible thanks to many platforms and companies working hard to spread this education. It is made even clearer for the kids and has been found to be very effective in getting kids introduced to App development.

What is the Best Way to Teach App development to Kids?

Practise makes a man perfect is saying which works here as well, so a good study material to follow which is available in many websites and thereafter practicing what is being learned during kids app development classes is the sure-shot way for learning mobile app development the best.

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How App Development for Kids Promotes Logical, and Algorithmic Thinking?

To rethink how the computer would execute the program requires analytical and imaginative skills. App development for kids teaches students to break down a problem into simpler steps and to arrive at an algorithm for its solution requires design and computational skills.

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