5 Benefits of Coding for Kids

With computers handling our lives now, it becomes essential to know how to operate them. They can make our mundane tasks easier so it would be a good investment in learning a language that the computers understand. Because only when you know their language, you will communicate and give commands to it. If the trend is to be followed then soon, there will be complete automation of tasks and coders will be the most sought after people. Thus, computer science is a subject that should be integrated into a student's life at a young age.

Kids Coding Benefits

Coding is an essential skill that a person of any age will need going forward into the future. As the paradigm shifts towards technology, there has been an exponential growth in the field of computer science. In today's world, there is not even one existing industry that does not make use of codes. There are many additional advantages of kids coding, some of which are listed below:

  • Coding teaches perseverance and patience
  • Increases computational thinking
  • Enhances problem-solving ability
  • Coding is an essential skill to have
  • Coding is a powerful skill to have

Coding Teaches Perseverance and Patience

Have you ever taught a lesson to a small child, it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to teach a small child since they are unaware of almost everything?

It is much more difficult to teach a computer something since it does not have the natural intelligence which small children have. Hence, your code needs to be very accurate, the slightest mistake in logic or syntax and the code will either not work or will give a wrong answer. Thus coding if immediately accompanied by testing the code, there are many different ways a code is tested, and it requires a lot of patience and perseverance to remove all the bugs from the code. Some of the bugs may be very hard to spot, and while for some other bugs, you may realize that the code needs to be written from scratch. Thus, making something near perfect gives a significant byproduct: it teaches valuable life lessons and gets a correct code.

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Increases Computational Thinking

Before the child can write any code, he or she needs to use his analytical abilities and figure out the steps that need to be done by the code, what will be the logic of the code, how will the code behave for different parameters, what would be the invalid and valid parameter values, what will happen when incorrect input is given to code, etc. Thus even before coding comes ‘Algorithm’ wherein the child will have to use computational skills to realize how the code will work if there are any loops in the code how they would be entered into and how the loops would be exited.

The child will essentially be speaking in the language of logic as all computers are logic machines, and thus every word has a precise meaning. There are particular ways on how to make the recursive program which is a necessity for a programming language.

How Kids Coding Teaches Computational Thinking Skills?

Enhances Problem Solving Ability

Ever tried solving the Rubik's cube, now imagine trying to teach a computer how to solve the Rubik's cube. When coding, it is apparent that you have first know how the problem would be solved yourself and then know how the solution can be taught to the computer, so it's problem-solving at another level. Specifically, when trying to teach a computer how to solve the problem, it involves having the logic of the solution painted using the programming language tools. One would need to choose the number and kinds of variables they would be using, how the program routines would be and how the program will end. For all of this requires the ability to design the solution to the problem.

How Coding Helps Kids to Learn Problem Solving Skills?

Coding is an Essential Skill to Have

Some time back (not very long ago) many people could not operate a computer, and it was considered quite alright, it was not an essential skill. Now, as we know to know how to operate a computer, it can be as elementary and essential as to pull out money from an ATM. And as time has progressed, it is becoming increasingly clear that everyone needs to understand the basics of coding. Now we have more and more programmable items, even toys for kids are often programmable so kids can pick up coding at an early age. It would be quite required to have at least a basic understanding of coding concepts for in the world run by computers one should know the language in which they speak.

Coding is a Powerful Skill to Have

We have all seen and heard umpteen stories of new-age billionaires and shakers of the world order who in the core of it are essentially programmers. The world has witnessed how multiple programmers still in their twenties have shaped the consumption and the lifestyle of the whole world. Thus coding is power in the times to come, the amazing thing about computers is that it is ready to follow orders of anyone provided that the orders are correct. Thus there is a potent tool at the disposal of your order only condition being the order needs to be in the computer language and should be correct.

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