Coding Games for Kids

Programming games are among the most effective ways for kids to learn and understand the coding structure and languages. These games are designed to help navigate the thought process for writing code. It is an easy way to learn and understand how to solve problems through a programming language.

Coding games are a fun and interactive way of teaching coding to kids; these games emphasize the visuals and kids’ imagination to solve problems that might not directly be related to coding, for example, defeating a dragon using tools. These games help kids realize the actual need for coding, which is to solve real-life problems.

Best Coding Games for Kids in 2021

The interactive and intuitive visual platform allows the kids to think outside the box, pushing their brains to be more productive. Above all, programming games make coding for kids joyful and fun.

Here is the list of top 5 programming games for kids in 2021:

  • CodeCombat
  • Codepip
  • Scratch
  • Hour of Code
  • Ruby Warrior


It is a combat-based multiplayer programming game where the user guides the games’ hero through dungeons and other combat tasks using commands in the chosen language. This game is supported by Python, Javascript, CoffeeScript, and C++, where the player can choose the language and start playing and learning. It is a classic role-playing game where the player goes through various challenges. The difficulty level of the game increases as you move up each stage. It proceeds gradually to teaches the player the concept of looping, objects, and their properties. This game is free to play and does have a premium offering as well.

10 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Code


Codepip provides a lot of short and compelling games that help teach the player front end web development. Popular games available here are Froggy and Grid Garden etc. Flexbox Froggy is a short game that can be played by moving color-coded frogs to their matching lily pads. Flexbox has powerful layout commands, which are helpful for any front-end developer. Kids can play this game to learn and get hands-on experience creating layout and understanding front-end web development.

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Developed by MIT, Scratch is a game and a framework where the kids can build games and interactive animations. It is a fantastic way to introduce programming. Kids coding lays a foundation for their future learning. The drag and drop feature of the games helps the kids to visualize programming. It provides an engaging and interactive interface for kids to learn how to code. Kids love creating and designing the games with Scratch as it allows their imagination to unfurl. Kids of any age can use scratch as the interface is relatively easy to use, and it introduces kids to the concept of coding using blocks.

Hour of Code

Hour of Code project is part of, which has many games and videos providing an excellent platform for learns to code and build their logical reasoning. The objective behind an hour of code is to demystify coding for kids and anyone who wants to learn and understand how coding works. The platform offers events related to coding and other interactive games and videos. It is a highly educational and engaging resource for kids to grasp the concept of code and the conception behind it - one of the best programming game repositories available for free and anyone to get educated.

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Ruby Warrior

Ruby warrior is a programming language that is based on the Ruby language. This game’s concept is to provide the player with a challenge who will guide the warrior using Ruby commands. The game is a little advanced, and it is designed to make the kids get more indulged and deep dive into coding with Ruby. The game provides the player with information about the errors if the player cannot complete the task, making it a feedback oriented framework for kids to learn to code. These tasks are planned to introduce different concepts related to coding, and they increase as the complexity and level of the game rise. It is an excellent game for learning advanced programming concepts.

Benefits of Programming Games for Kids

The concept of coding or programming language can be pretty daunting to introduce to the children. With their limited knowledge of real-world problems finding solutions using coding can feel a little confusing for them.

5 Benefits of Coding for Kids

Programming games provide a platform for children to experience a simulated problem and finding a solution using logical reasoning and coding.

These games give the children an environment to visualize the problems and their solutions through which they learn to code. The idea behind game development for kids is to employ action, adventure, and imagination in children, which are essential for developing a coder mindset. Children who play coding games to learn coding have a better understanding of programming concepts. Children can choose different coding games available online based on their interest in the programming language or the type of games they like to play.

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