8 Best Coding Resources for Kids in 2021

Coding is vastly becoming the language of the future. It is no longer considered an advanced skill, and it is being taught like any other language or skill. Coding for kids is more than just a set of instructions. It is a way of thinking and building logic to perform a certain task or a step by approaching a real-world problem. It could be something as simple as mixing the ingredients one after another to learn baking or a series of algorithms applied to a security system.

Introducing your child to code is a tricky process, and it involves a profound approach that may include using some excellent resources and techniques. A good coding resource can help your child learn to code and enable them to understand and break-down real-world problems to find effective solutions.

Best Free and Paid Coding Resources for Kids

There are many paid and free coding resources available online to help your child learn to code. Here is the list of 8 best coding resources that you can use to help your child learn to code:

  • Codecademy
  • ScratchJr
  • Tynker
  • Lightbot
  • Udacity
  • Udemy
  • FreeCodeCamp
  • CodeCombat


It is a fantastic way to introduce coding to kids. It lays a strong foundation for their future learning. Kids love creating and designing the games with Scratch as it allows their imagination to unfurl. Kids of any age can use Scratch as the interface is relatively easy to use, and it introduces kids to the concept of coding using blocks. The drag and drop feature of these games helps in visualizing code to promote interactive learning.


Tynker is a self-paced online learning resource for kids. There are various courses available in tanker to learn coding in both block-based and text-based modes. It is an excellent learning tool for both beginners and advanced learners. These courses available in Tynker are mostly game-based programming learning for kids to enjoy and learn various coding concepts.

App Development for Kids


Lightbot is a puzzle game based on coding for kids. It is an interesting way to let kids learn coding by solving puzzles. By solving these puzzles, kids can easily learn the various programming concepts without even realizing it. These puzzles introduce sequencing, conditionals, recursive loops, etc., in the simplest form. This game is designed for first-time programmers which makes it ideal for kids to get introduced to computer programming.


CodeCombat is an online resource that facilitates kids to learn python and javascript through coding games. It is a role-playing game that lets kids learn while they play different levels through text-based instructions. Its gamified learning interface makes it a competent resource for kids learning.

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Free Coding Resources for Kids


Codecademy is an aspiring source for kids to develop their coding skills. It is an online learning platform that offers classes in more than 12 programming languages. It also offers various tests and projects to give a practical experience of coding to learners, providing them with models to implement their learning right away. All the courses are well-categorized topic-wise for different age groups. It is available in both free and paid versions. Though the free version only provides access to the basic courses, you can find many courses for your child’s age group in the paid version. It also provides an option to create a lesson plan to follow it.


It is an excellent online source that offers a wide range of free and paid courses for learners to develop their desired skills. These courses include programming, data science, AI, cloud computing, and many more. It provides a number of real-life projects to get hands-on practice for all these skills. With the vast range of free available tech skills and projects, one can master the skills for a career aspect.

7 Useful Tips for Teaching your Kids to Code


Udemy is one of the popular online learning programs used to improve and learn new skills. This is a great resource for advancing your child’s coding abilities. There are many online free courses available for kids to learn various programming languages.


Freecodecamp is an eLearning platform for web development. It has free coding lessons for kids on HTML, CSS, responsive design, front-end development, Java scripts, JQuery JSON, React, back-end-development, and automated testing. It is especially useful for beginners to learn web development. Kids can easily learn the basics of web development with the wide range of courses available for them.

Research suggests that children learn better when they are challenged with age-appropriate activities. Learning coding through tools or activities that are too easy to be disengaged or too hard for them to get disheartened & lose confidence can result in a bad learning experience. Opting for the right learning resource can yield surprising results. It plays a crucial role in optimizing your child’s learning by providing various age-appropriate activities and challenges.

Evaluating all the aspects of a learning resource before beginning your child’s coding journey can make a lot of difference in the learning outcome. You can make their coding journey enjoyable for life by choosing the right learning platform and tools. Investing in a reliable coding resource for your child will set them on the path of lifelong success.

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