Coding Websites for Kids - Free and Paid

A handful of great websites teaching block languages, such as Scratch,, and Tynker, are available on the net (Scratch and are free, and Tynker comes at a friendly price). One of the best things about kids coding is that you don't necessarily have to be a programmer to help your kids get started with them. Here we have listed down the top 15 best free and paid coding websites for kids in 2021.

List of 15 Best Free and Paid Coding Websites for Kids in 2021

  • Khan Academy
  • Code.Org
  • Scratch
  • Swift Playgrounds
  • YouTube
  • Code Monster
  • mBlock
  • Clickteam fusion
  • Arduino
  • CodeCombat
  • Reeborg's world
  • Kodable

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has made quite a name for itself in the educational platform sector by its simple intuitive lessons which have helped a number of kids to learn subjects like mathematics and many more. The videos are interactive as well and well known to break down any concept very methodically for the child to follow. Starting with its basic tutorials on programming it leads on to other techniques like graphics visualizations and animations etc to make. For example, starting with teaching how to make a simple snowman and then building upon it can be found using interactive video in its ‘Hour of Code section’.


This is one website which is not just free but it also is helpful if one has not very good internet connection thanks to the number of offline activity options to do. Else, provides every conceivable material needed to learn to code. From apps to tutorials to worksheets etc.


Scratch is one of the best tailor-made for kids’ programming language/system and since it is very graphical in design it helps the kids to visualize the process of coding. Scratch playground provides a lot of tutorials to teach kids how to use the interface and create programmable toys.

Swift Playgrounds

Specifically, within the Apple ecosystem, using an IPAD one can access swift playgrounds which are provided by Apple. It is a platform wherein a child can learn programming by creating different games using the programming language called Swift which is a programming language created by Apple.


Kids love games, so for a child above 7 years of age introduce them to the game Minecraft. Once they have played the game and understood how it works, encourage them to watch the videos on YouTube which teaches how to make Minecraft games. Once, through with it, there are many more games the child can learn to code using Youtube videos.

Code Monster

One of the best ways to learn to code and to grasp what it does and what it can do is to actually see the code in action and this is the feature that makes Code Monster stand out. With two boxes placed side to side one can see what the code is doing.

It is a very creatively designed platform to teach kids gaming and also things like robots. Nothing like doing some coding for sensors and see how one can create programmable robots. Kids above 10 years of age will find it thoroughly immersive and will learn valuable bits of programming while enjoying the process.


For little older kids and if they are happy to learn coding by playing games then kids can make use of mBlock to learn Artificial Intelligence, Python, etc.

Clickteam Fusion

Have you heard of the game ‘Five night at Freddy’s? This is a game created using a platform called Clickteam fusion and is one of the highly recommended websites for children to pick up programming at an early age. The fact that it has inbuilt graphical libraries and hence one can produce impressive results quickly makes it a go-to place for kids who are planning to learn to program. It teaches concepts of coding though not traditional coding itself, same as scratch.


Arduino is another platform using which kids can program robots. Nothing gives feedback like when you code a robot and visually see the actions of it thereafter. These platforms allow the kids to start with the very simple commands and the platform allows full room for the child’s creativity to be used.

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Paid Websites to Learn Coding by Kids


For a child seven years and above if he or she is just starting then they can refer to the site CodeCombat. This website provides a fun way to learn without getting too technical. One can essentially play a game using python or whichever language the child chooses to learn.

Python Programming for Kids

Now drones are already not so uncommon as say five years back and we can all feel that the presence of drones would only increase in the future. DJI has come up with a new platform where kids can program ground drones. Here a child gets to learn the basics of programming but in addition, it also gets introduced to the gadget of the future.

If the child is looking for getting hands-on C# and unity then is the best place for starting with game development.

Game Development for Kids

Reeborg's World

If one feels the need to do more textual programming then there are a couple of crossover systems in which a child can code visually then can flip to textual language. So, children can see the text and the code easily. Reeborg's world is one such platform that provides this facility.


This platform is usable by kids as young as four years of age. So kindergartners can learn programming languages pretty much at the same time the kids learn natural language.

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