10 Best Coding Apps for Kids in 2021 - Free and Paid

Coding is one of the most desirable and useful skills of the future. Encouraging your kids to learn to code from a young age can be rewarding in many ways. As a child's brain is more receptive than an adult's brain, it can imbibe knowledge quickly. Children at a young age learn a language with ease. It is a great idea to introduce coding and get them accustomed to computer programs as early as possible. Doing this can help kids to learn programming languages just like many other languages they use to communicate.

There are various ways kids can be made familiar with coding and computer languages. Kids coding apps is one of the amazing ways to do that. It provides an interesting opportunity to teach kids coding in a fun and interactive environment. This interaction-based app development for kids helps them to understand the concept of coding and enables them to indulge in the world of programming.

5 Best Coding Games for Kids that Teach Programming

List of 10 Best Coding Apps for Kids in 2021

There are many coding apps available these days for the kids to explore and choose based on their interests and needs. Here is a list of the 10 best coding apps for kids in 2021:

  • Kodable
  • Lego Boost
  • ScratchJr
  • Daisy the Dinosaur
  • SpriteBox
  • Run Marco
  • Mimo
  • Coding Safari
  • Tynker
  • Algorithm City


As the app's tagline reads, "Coding for kids, made with love."; it is a great starting point for the kids to start their coding journey. It has many kid-friendly lessons curated for kids from kindergarten to 5th standard. The app introduces many coding concepts like looping and branching through various games and other lessons as the kids progress through. It helps children to learn decision making through many if/then exercises. This app can be accessed over the web and also on IOS and Android platforms. It is a great entry-level app to learn to code for kids.

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Lego Boost

Lego boost is a coding app that requires the children to make various Lego models and programs on them with coding. The models are in the shape of a robot, cat, car, or guitar. Children use coding to add sound and movement to the models using the app’s drag and drop feature. Based on Lego building blocks, children find this app quite easy to use and learn. It is available both on the Android and IOS platforms.


It is one of the most-used apps for teaching coding to kids. It is based on the popular Scratch development tool. It has an interface format for the kids to use, and it deals with programming area blocks and some editing tools. Kids can create interactive stories and games using the block building coding mechanism for teaching coding.

Daisy the Dinosaur

Children love dinosaurs, and this app teaches kids programming basics using many mini-games available. Kids and make use of commands to make the dinosaur do some task. The app is designed for kids to solve puzzles and word games to learn about building algorithms as they decode these puzzles. It teaches the concept of conditions and iterations using fun challenges.


SpriteBox is a Mario based advanced coding game. The app has many levels wherein the children start to play games from basic drag and drop coding to writing actual code as the game reaches higher complex levels. It has an engaging design that keeps the kids indulged and learning. This game is available for both android and IOS platforms.

Run Marco

Run Marco is created for kids to help them understand the concept of coding and programming through drag and drop block-based coding. These coding blocks help the character do certain tasks as asserted. Children can press play to the coding blocks in action and understand the basic concepts of sequencing commands and coding.

8 Best Coding Resources for Kids in 2021


Mimo is a coding app that helps children to learn coding by building an IOS app. There are plenty of lesson-based activities in this app for kids to learn computer programming. Children can learn a variety of programming languages like Javascript, HTML, SWIFT through this app. It comprises both courses and lessons-based learning to provide interactivity.

Coding Safari

Coding Safari possesses a fantastic teaching approach for kids between the age group of 2-10 years. It leads the learning of coding by making the kids learn the fundamentals of coding, such as critical thinking & problem-solving. This coding app pushes a kid’s brain to think logically and rationally while solving problems and learning to code.

Free Coding Apps for Kids


Tynker is an excellent app for kids to get their hands on programming with an exciting learning mechanism. It possesses a vast array of options for the kids, from coding robots, mod Minecraft, build games and apps. It starts with the children solving problems with visual block-based coding and then elevates the level they learn to code using JavaScript and Python. The kids follow a learning path wherein they get introduced to coding and slowly enhances their skills to move ahead. The app is available on iOS both in free and as well as the paid version. The app provides a wholesome learning experience for the kids to learn to code.

15 Best Free and Paid Coding Websites for Kids

Algorithm City

Algorithm city is a 3D model-based game where the kids chose an animal as the character. It teaches coding to kids in a very playful and entertaining way. The concept of the game is to make the character collect gold while solving problems. Kids learn coding concepts such as function, loops, sequencing, and other basic and advanced concepts. It is available free on the Android platform.

Learning with these apps surely makes coding an engaging and enriching experience for kids of all ages; encouraging them to grasp the concept of coding at an earlier age to make them self-reliant and successful in the future.

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