C++ for Kids

Programming is one of the greatest skills to have in today’s time. With changing times, it has become one of the most important skills to have because most of the apps and websites are built on the basis of programming. C++ is one of the most important programming languages but often students are confused about whether they should start with this programming language or not.

Kids might find C++ difficult because it might look like a lot of mathematics and can put students off the idea of coding. But once students understand the fundamentals of C++, there is no turning back. You will be surprised to know that most of the successful programmers started their journey with C++.

Why C++?

C++ famously has a steep learning curve, but it will do wonders for your kids programming career if they are encouraged to take the time to learn this language. C++ will help your child improve real problem-solving skills, and they will be able to create a good base on programming fundamentals. C++ also can help your child develop good programming habits which leads to a clear and consistent coding style.

In this blog, we will take you through some basic concepts of C++ for kids. We will also discuss its features and benefits of introducing C++ for kids.

C++ for Kids - What is it?

C++ is a case-sensitive programming language that is used in general processes. It supports object-oriented, generic as well as procedural programming. It has the features of both low and high-level languages hence it is known as a middle-level language.

Now that we have an idea of what C++ actually is, let us understand what it is used for.

What is C++ Used For?

C++ deals with a large variety of programs and problems which is more focused on performance. It is focused on large system programming. It helps in the development of 3 D animation, web browsers like Firefox and chrome, other software like medical software, software for offices, etc. It is also used in Blizzard games, MRI scanners, PDF technologies, etc.

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Tools for C++ Programming

In order to create successful C++ programs, we need tools and software such as:

Text Editors

Text Editor is essential to write a C++ program. One can think of it as a word document where one can actually write the codes. We can use any text editor to write the codes however there are some built-in sound editors in the computer itself. Some of the most common text editors are Notepad, Sublime, Bluefish, etc.


It is another important tool that goes through the source code to perform important tasks like checking the flow of the code (the codes should follow the rules of C++). It also translates codes into an object file. Some of the most popular compilers are GCC, Clang, Visual Studio C++ compiler, etc.


After the job of the compiler is done, the object file is then sent to a linked program where the following three tasks are performed:

  • Combining all object files into one program
  • Linking library files to the program
  • Exposing cross-file naming and reference


The library can be considered as a bundle of codes that are prepared and used again and again. The C++ library is known as the standard library. Other libraries can also be added to the program if the standard library does not fulfill the requirements.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

An IDE ID used by many C++ programmers instead of a text editor and compiler. It is a one-stop for C Programming as it includes all the text editors, compilers, libraries, etc. some of the popular IDEs are code block, visual studio, eclipse, etc.

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Uses of C++

With the help of C Programming, we can develop different secure and robust applications like Window applications, Device Drivers, Embedded firmware, Client-server applications, etc. It is used for procedural programming for different functions of the CPU. Also, C++ plays a major role in the development of different games. Not just that search engines like Chrome, Mozilla, and Firefox also use C++. The wide range of applications of C++ makes it a very important programming language.

C++ Important Terms

We now have a sense of C++ codes, it is now time to define some of the essential terms related to C++.


Keywords are some names that are used to identify things in your code. Keywords can be identifiers for particular objects, variables, or actions. Kids can make their own keywords.

Some common examples of keywords are :

  • goto
  • float
  • public
  • class(1)
  • int


Variables in C++ are like containers that store certain values. In order to declare a variable, one needs to give it a value and a type using the correct keyword. All variables in C++ need to have a name or identifier.


We covered some of the important topics related to C++ in this blog. It is one of the most appropriate coding languages for kids to get started with their programming. Mastering C++ can help them become a coding genius. I hope this blog helped you understand C++ in an interesting way. Do tell us in the comments below. Happy learning!

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