C Programming for Kids

C is considered a revolutionary language in the history of programming. It is one of the most basic and popular programming languages and it is widely used in different fields. C programming is also considered as a foundation language and is referred for most of the computer science courses with other programming languages like Java and Python. C is the core language and is the language with which most coders start their coding journey. C programming language forms the core of most android devices and also powers internet servers.

C is one of the ideal languages and kids can easily understand the basics of c programming if approached in the right manner. In this blog, we will be exploring C programming. We will also understand why c programming for kids is important and explore some basic terms related to it.

Why C Programming?

One cannot deny the massive role technology plays in modern-day life. There is no business today which could exist without technology, and technology itself depends on coding. Coding is to technology what air is to humans. One ceases to exist without the other. This makes the skill of coding a precious asset and puts coders in great demand. If you still have to choose your career path and have an inclination towards technology, try to learn to code. Once you get the hang of it, you will be amazed by what all you can do with it.

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However, if you have already made the decision to code and have tried it, you may have realized that it can get very overwhelming very quickly. It is easy to learn skills like tying shoelaces or making tea. Once you acquire the skill, you can implement it and see the result right away. Coding, on the other hand, requires patience and real results take a while to be visible. A variety of concepts need to be learned, and they are later used in combination with different technologies. Not knowing the concepts in the right way can quickly lead to feeling lost and unmotivated. That is why it is crucial to define your learning path in coding.

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Important Terms Related to C Programming

Program Source Code

These are a set of instructions that are provided at the time of writing a program. These are either licensed or open-source codes. Source codes are written at the time of compilation or at the end.


Functions in C programming are a set of instructions or statements that are called out when a task is performed. Functions allow users to call the same set of instructions multiple times which makes it easier to perform multiple tasks. This also improves the overall readability of a program. Functions are wrapped in the body of codes which are used to perform tasks based on various operations. The codes inside a function are wrapped in curly brackets for eg main(), printf(), etc.

Variables in C Programming

Variables are the names that are given to various programs in order to manipulate the storage. The variables differ in size and functions which determine the layout and size. Different sets of operations can be applied to the variables.

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Tips to Learn C Programming for Kids

  • Focus on the Fundamentals
  • Online Resources
  • Find a Mentor

Focus on the Fundamentals

Just like any other subject, it is important to have a strong foundation of the basic concepts of C programming in order to master the topic. Practicing important concepts of coding like variables, declarations, loops, etc. Practicing multiple concepts based on these topics can be immensely beneficial in order to master these concepts.

Online Resources

With the help of various online resources, learning kids coding has become easier. Online coding resources for kids are beneficial because it allows students to learn at the comfort of their homes. It also gives kids flexibility of time and kids get enough options to choose from. Online learning can help students learn in a fun and engaging way.

Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor can benefit a student in various ways. When it comes to understanding the concepts of c programming, a mentor can guide students in a stepwise approach. Also, experience always counts! So kids can take up small coding projects under a mentor and improve their skills.

How to Find the Best Online Coding Courses for Kids?


C programming is one of the basic coding languages for kids that is easy to learn and practice. Students get familiar with the language with regular practice and kids should be encouraged to get an early start with c programming in order to become a coding genius! C programming forms a base for more complex languages which is extremely beneficial in the long run.

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