Top 10 Coding Languages for Kids in 2021

With the fast-evolving technology and computer science continuing to be among the most lucrative professions, coding for kids has become a crucial skill to acquire. It is slowly becoming necessary for kids to learn coding from an early age. The best way to help your child learn to code is by introducing them to some interactive programming languages to later study the advanced ones.

List of 10 Best Programming Languages for Kids in 2021

While coding can be learned at any age, learning to code at an early stage can help kids form fundamental knowledge of various technologies. Here is the list of the top 10 kids coding languages in 2021:

  • Scratch
  • Blockly
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • JAVA
  • C++
  • Lua


Scratch is a block-based programming language to build fundamental programming concepts for children aged 8-16 years. It is a visual-based programming language that is kid-friendly and has a vast playground for everyone to explore. Scratch’s block-based instruction interface allows kids to create interactive programs, further boosting their interest in programming and computer languages. The drag and drop programming style of Scratch is an excellent preliminary tool for kids to learn programming. Kids of any age group can start to learn coding with Scratch and dive into the world of coding and building programs.


It is a product of the Google developer community, designed to provide its users to create and indulge in the programming through block-based visual programming. Blockly is used with other languages like JavaScript, Lua, and Python to generate the code in the respective languages through the visual block linking. Children can quickly understand and learn the design of a program with this. This framework is also available on Android and IOS platforms to help kids get their hands on mobile devices and web support. Blockly can be used to create animated characters, control robots, and create story scripts, etc.

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Python is a high-level programming language that is widely used in the programming world. The English-like syntax of python makes it easy to learn and understand the instructions for kids. Python has a strong inbuilt library that helps to create any simple or complex programs with finesse. Kids find python programming very comfortable to jump-start their coding journey. They can learn to develop programming ideas, see the ideas, and transfer them to programming language instruction. The ease of learning and writing code makes it an excellent programming language for the kids.


Ruby is a highly flexible programming language used in many applications by companies like Twitter and others. Ruby was developed in 1993 and has become one of the most accepted and widely used languages across the programming fraternity. Ruby supports a simple syntax and a natural object-oriented architecture for the programmers to understand and use it close to the natural things around us. It helps the kids think through the glasses of object-oriented programming.


Perhaps one of the most popular languages, JavaScript is most widely used by almost every programmer in one way or another. It is simple to start learning JavaScript as it does not require any sort of heavy set up. It is called the internet language, as all the games and interactive websites are created using JavaScript. Kids can learn Javascript easily as it has very intuitive syntax and is very flexible when running the scripts on any platform. Children learn this text-based language very quickly and can implement the learning in a vast world of the web.

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HTML(HyperText Markup Language) is used to create web pages and web applications. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets simply alters and enhances the appearance of a web page or web application. Children can learn the basics of web development by learning HTML/CSS. HTML is a tag-based language that can create the design of a web page or application. CSS defines the styles for all the elements that are present on the web page created using HTML. All webpages are internally made up of HTML content. Kids can learn HTML very quickly as it is simple to understand with wider application.


Pronounced as C sharp, C# is one of the hugely popular programming languages developed around the year 2000 by Microsoft. C# is mostly used to build third-party applications on windows. This programming language is amongst the top four most used languages. It runs on the .Net framework, which provides its user and umbrella of utilities to create dynamic and scalable programs and applications. C programming is for kids who want to take up programming. It is used to develop games, web applications, windows applications, etc. Microsoft provides a plethora of videos and documentation of all the C# language topics for children to learn and play around with this language.


Java has been around for almost two decades. With a massive repository of online resources, Kids can learn and grasp the knowledge to create programs and applications with this most widely used language. Java is an object-oriented language that makes it easier to solve world problems with ease. It is a text-based high-level programming language, which makes it a good contender for children’s programming. Java is a bit harder to learn for kids as the syntax is complicated, but once kids learn Java, they can learn any programming language with ease and proficiency.

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C++ is a cross-platform programming language used to create highly efficient applications. It is one of the oldest languages around and has not lost relevance or usage. Kids can learn C++ programming by installing any C++ compiler and begin programming.


Lua is a lightweight high-level multi-paradigm programming language designed mainly for embedded use in applications. For kids who are interested in developing games, Lua is a great language to begin programming. Popular Games like Angry Birds and World of Warcraft uses Lua as a programming base. Learning Lua can make the kids accustomed to game development snapping different career options.

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