How Coding Helps Kids to Learn Problem Solving Skills?

Coding is becoming much more prevalent these days with the recent advancements in technology. Coding is almost behind everything as it is the medium through which humans can interact with a computer and instruct it to do a lot of complex things. Hence knowledge of coding or giving instructions to the computer in the present era is an essential skill and good to have skill.

When kids learn to code, they automatically have to think. Coding is just not writing any instructions in the English language. There are several computer languages, some easy, some complex. Still, they all perform some wonderful task of making the computer understand what the human on the other side wants it to do. Hence to communicate well critical thinking skills are required. The kid will have to analyze the problem, and then think of ways to solve it, thereby instructing the computer.

7 Ways Coding Teach Kids Problem Solving Skills

Breaking Down the Problem

While it's often recommended to have the big picture, it is also said that God is in the details. When coding children need to understand the problem and solve it, one may ask what is so different about coding then as understanding the problem and solving it seems to be the normal state of action. But when coding it becomes special, since the solution needs to be explained to a computer; so while a child's brain may know how to solve the problem the same solution to be taught to the computer requires breaking down the problem and the respective solution in a step by step manner.

5 Benefits of Coding for Kids

General Solution of a Problem

While solving a problem generally we happen to give a solution to the specific problem in front of us, so if the values are changed in the problem even though the calculation logic may remain the same, the solution will change. When coding the solution to a problem, it covers the general solution to pass different parameters and get different solutions. It sometimes helps to better appreciate the problem as by looking into the input and output parameters the nature of the problem can be truly grasped over a large range.

Design the Solution

Designing is a loaded word, but while coding it comes into play in its full force. As starting from what the solution would be, how it should be coded, how it should feel when executed and how it interacts with other programs, all this and more is needed to be thought about when coding. It allows the creativity of the kids to flourish to its full potential.

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Test the Solution

Once the coding is completed, it is often while testing the coder realizes the bugs in the code and then prepares the fix for it. It is an iterative process, and each round of it brings the coder closer to a more accurate solution and makes the kids aware of the dark corners that can often be missed. This process makes the investigative abilities of kids sharper and more exercised.


This is one feature that kids will soon be introduced to when coding, as the code can be swift but take a lot of memory or code can be complicated and hence do a lot many things but not very intuitive for the user to navigate. So, there would be many instances when kids will have to 'choose the lesser evil' and learn the art of optimization wherein every ingredient is in balance and thus bringing out the best result possible.

Code Debugging

Imagine the scenario where you have written a code, but it does not function as expected, well then it is time to take out the toolbox and check the reason for the code not working as expected. Kids when trying to debug would as the first lesson would learn patience and perseverance and next would be their analytical skills into play for at times the bugs in the code can be complicated to spot, and it takes a lot of digging to realize the part in code to be fixed.

How Kids Coding Teaches Computational Thinking Skills?

Packaging the Code

After some time the kid has been introduced to coding, they will come across another challenge to solve that is in how many parts would the code be. What would be the main functions and libraries and how all these different parts of the code will be packaged. Kids will learn how to group things together and how to make sure their interactivity and interdependence are preserved.


Coding is essentially a language but then it is a bit different from natural language in the sense that it can be very precise. Kids when coding happens to be in a world that is driven by logic, accuracy, and being precise. Thus the experience of coding provides kids a way to use problem-solving and analytical skills to the best they can.

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