JavaScript for Kids

While choosing different programming languages, JavaScript for kids may be just the right choice. JavaScript is also known as the language of the web and is used by almost every programmer in one way or another. It is now being used in some of the most prominent applications including Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc. As it plays nicely with other languages, it is one of the widely-used programming languages for apps and game development.

JavaScript for Kids is a Good Choice

JavaScript is a lightweight programming language combined with HTML and CSS to make websites more intuitive and responsive. It is widely adapted for programming web-based applications and game development. It is vastly popular as plenty of games and interactive websites are created using JavaScript. Since the power of browsers is increasing significantly year by year, it is evident that JavaScript coding for kids has a bright future.

5 Reasons to Introduce JavaScript Programming for Kids

As JavaScript has a very intuitive and flexible format, it is quite easy for kids to learn javascript and implement their learning in the vast world of the web. Here is the list of 5 reasons why JavaScript coding for kids is a good choice:

  • Javascript for kids is beginner-friendly
  • Easy to write and test the code
  • Javascript programming for kids promotes creativity
  • Cross-platform applications make javascript interesting
  • Javascript for kids can enhance their career opportunities

JavaScript for Kids is Beginner Friendly

Though JavaScript is a high-level programming language it is not too difficult for beginners or kids to understand and learn it. All it needs to start learning JavaScript is a simple text editor and a web browser to test it. It does not require any sort of heavy set-up, no separate programs or server environment. JavaScript is a standardized language and its features remain the same for all browsers which makes it a perfect choice for beginners. Also, there is a huge number of online resources and forums available for JavaScript beginners.

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Easy to Write and Test the Code

Kids can easily learn javascript as it has a simple text-based syntax and is highly flexible when it comes to running the scripts on any platform. Running JavaScript code is quite easy as it is an interpreted language and all it needs to run a javascript is a web browser. The text-based format of this language makes it simple for kids to write and test the javascript code with ease.

Javascript Programming for Kids Promotes Creativity

It is easy for kids to grasp the potential opportunities to create something amazing with JavaScript programming. While HTML and CSS allow its users to enhance the appearance of a website only, JavaScript enables them to interact with the website. Some of the amazing things that JavaScript allows to create on a website are clickable icons, drop-down menus, autocomplete, displaying pictures, playing video and audio recordings, etc.

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Cross-platform Applications Make Javascript Interesting

Though JavaScript was initially created for designing websites, it is now being used in apps and game development for multiple platforms like computers and mobiles. This makes learning JavaScript even more. There are plenty of third-party JavaScript libraries and JavaScript frameworks available, for kids to develop various apps and games.

JavaScript for Kids can Enhance Career Opportunities

Kids should also learn HTML and CSS to use JavaScript to its maximum potential. It can sound a little too much to learn all this for a beginner, but if you look at the wider perspective all these together make a great foundation for several front-end development jobs and lucrative careers.

JavaScript is used along with many other coding languages for kids gives you an edge while learning and exploring other career opportunities. There are several front end web development technologies available which you can choose as career options and most of them are based on JavaScript. Career options like full-stack web development, front end website development all have JavaScript as a common base. Learning JavaScript opens up all these different career options as you learn more languages and sprint ahead with command over JavaScript.

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Resources to Learn JavaScript

Kids can easily learn various concepts of JavaScript programming as there are many effective tools and lots of free and paid kids coding resources available online. These coding platforms offer several options varying from block-based coding activities to text-based coding courses. Kids can start their javascript learning with block-based coding and slowly move on to text-based coding after they understand the basic coding concept. This strengthens their fundamentals to get a good command over this coding language.

You can start with one of these many interactive platforms that provide games, puzzles, and visual-based activities for kids to start JavaScript coding. One such resource is Scratch which allows kids to explore the basics of JavaScript programming through block-based coding activities and games. Kids can develop small games, stories, and animations by using this interface.

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