Math & Beyond

1 Step Closer To Infinity


The Journey to Infinity and Beyond:

Math is a great motivator, its career starts with Zero and never ends(infinity).”

Taking its inspiration from Math, Cuemath is on its way to a never ending journey towards infinity.

As Cuemath celebrates its 6th birthday on 22nd December, we have so much to be proud of- Our center-based classes for K-6th class in India, the online program for 7-10th class and our foray into international markets like US, UK, Canada & Dubai for K-8th. Cuemath hits a remarkable 6 of success. Hitting a 6 is a joyful milestone in the larger scheme of a match and for us Match abhi baaki hai.

The fact that Cuemath shares it’s birthday with the man who knew infinity- Srinivasa Ramanujan the famous mathematician and a great contributor to the subject, inspires this journey towards infinity.

From beginning in December 2013 with a vision to change the way children learn math, to becoming India’s #1 math learning program- Cuemath has come a long way.

Through all these years, Cuemath is committed to take math excellence to new heights. With over 50,000 students, 5000 teachers and 80+ centers across top cities in India, Cuemath has created a new math learning experience all over the country.

After 2 years of excellence, research, and testing we are gradually upgrading the system to online programs for KG-10th class throughout India. With the launch of Cuemath into the international markets of US, UK, Canada and Dubai, Cuemath is taking great Leap in the year 2020.

Jobs of the future and the skills required- How is Cuemath addressing it?

As per a study on the future of jobs by the World Economic Forum, two of the top skills required for future jobs are critical thinking and complex problem solving. Both these skills stem from a strong math foundation and at Cuemath we have been developing these skills for years.

Join us in the celebration and let Cuemath help your child develop their mathematical ability!

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