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Dr. Anika Mittal believes that math is easy and is not just a subject but like a sport is something one gets better at only with practice.

For this reason, she feels that she made the right decision by enrolling her children with Cuemath,

“I loved the concept because unlike regular tuition classes, the children are completing their worksheets in a certain time frame. This gives them practice and only practice makes perfect in math and that’s how they find math easy.” See how Cuemath makes children great at math.

Her children, Aarini and Aayan began their Cuemath journey with, Rashmi Arora. Their teacher thinks of them as dedicated and interested little minds that always want to complete Cuemath worksheets.


Aarini is a bubbly 4th grader who is hardworking and organized and her younger brother, Aayan is a genius in his little mathematical kingdom. He seems to rule the numbers from the tender age of six!

The mother of these children, had her primary focus set on making sure that her children devoted enough time to get acquainted with concepts.

She co-relates math with her career line explaining,

“It’s like in the medical field you only get better with each surgery, in math you get better only by practising the application of concepts. The implementation of tabs is also an excellent way to engage children.”

She implied that at a young age when most children are addicted to tabs and phones, Cuemath has come up with a way to engage kids productively. This gives kids an idea that the tab is for them to learn from and not just play with.

Both of the children seem to have an increased interest in math now since they deal with new problems and questions every day easily.

“They talk only about the Cuemath program at home now a days. It’s really nice to see their increased interest because we actually get to know what they’re covering in math since they keep talking non-stop about it!”

Their Cuemath teacher, Rashmi has very high opinions about her two students and explains that Aarini’s devotion towards learning is commendable and she is always ahead of her school’s syllabus.

“Aarini joined Cuemath a year ago and now always scores a 100% in her exams and won the silver medal in the National Interactive Maths Olympiad, at the school level

Talking about the younger sibling, she fondly says,

“Aayan is already a star, he grasps concepts very quickly and has already completed the 1st grade syllabus. The school year has just started and he’s already way ahead!”

Dr. Anika happily claims that her children enjoy the Cuemath classes a lot and look forward to it.

“We’ve reached a stage where if I ask them to take a break for a month, they won’t hear of it!” she laughs before signing off.


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