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The World Economic Forum conducted a study on the “Future of jobs”. The results of this study have shocked a good number of people. This is because, it was inferred that around 5 million jobs would be lost by the year 2020! The reason? Human workers being replaced by artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology etc.

The article highlights that, although new opportunities will come up, manual and cleric workers will need to develop special skills to compete for these roles. It is also mentioned that most new jobs will be in specialized areas like math, computing, architecture and engineering. Many government organisations are also being urged to retrain their staff so as to avoid a crisis.

So what are the specialized skills that they are talking about?

The article stresses that the skills that we develop in pre-school are actually those that matter. David Deming, associate professor of education and economics at Harvard University, argues that soft skills like sharing and negotiating will be crucial. He says the modern workplace, where people move between different roles and projects, closely resembles pre-school classrooms, where we learn social skills such as empathy and cooperation.

Deming has mapped the changing needs of employers and identified key skills that will be required to thrive in the job market of the near future. Along with those soft skills, mathematical ability will be enormously beneficial.

Single Skillset jobs in decline:

In recent years, most jobs have become automated. The study shows that workers who successfully combine mathematical and interpersonal skills in the knowledge-based economies of the future should find many rewarding and lucrative opportunities.

The challenge now, is for educators to complement their teaching of technical skills like mathematics and computer science, with a focus on making sure the workers of the future have the soft skills to compete in the new jobs market.

This is where Cuemath comes in. Enabling our students with aptitude and reasoning skills and making them ready for a future short of creative thinkers. Cuemath is not only helping students across the nation become great in math but is also making them fall in love with it.

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