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4 Day Cuemath Super Challenge Bangalore

4 day challenge - cuemath bangalore

Cuemath teachers in Bangalore were pumped up with energy when the challenge for enrolling “4 students in 4 days” was announced. These teachers have always been pro-active with student enrollments and they managed to get a good number of students enrolled. However, our top 3 teachers were Kavitha.K, Archana Karthikeyan and Gayatri Iyer. We invited them over to the Bangalore office for a candid chat.

Of the three, Kavitha enrolled 8 students, making her the winner of the challenge. When asked how she managed to do this, she responded saying that, she was already working according to her plan and had charted out how to enrol 7 students that week. “The challenge came in at the perfect time for me!” she said.

Kavitha lives in a community and explains that she resorted to having conversations with parents within the community, the ones that had slightly older children in the 4th or 5th grades. She feels that these parents begin to realise the gap between the math syllabus and real life application. They are the ones that really need the program.

“I also know that, once the higher grades begin their classes and enjoy them, the parents of the younger children will automatically get curious.” She says.

Kavitha always gave real time examples and convinced parents. She also used to hand out puzzles in the nearby park to the kids and most of them used to solve it with a lot of interest.

Archana Karthikeyan enrolled 6 students within 4 days and this was a teacher that enrolled around 30 students within a month. “Well, I had a lot of leads, so when the challenge was announced, I actively followed up on those parents and got my 6 students. By the end of this month, after my quiz I will have 40 students” says the teacher. We really like the confidence you exude!

Gayathri Iyer lives in a community with around 500 apartments. She was certified as a Cuemath teacher recently and started off with her own two children.

“I loved the program and wanted my children to benefit from it. I also thought that if I need to speak with the other parents, I need to be thorough with it.”

Gayatri shared her strategy of engaging children in the community park once the school buses returned from schools. She used to take the flat numbers of the parents from the kids and later on follow up with these parents.

Once each of these teachers shared their strategies, they also shared their experiences on where the students faced issues. They unanimously agreed that most students faced issues in word problems and did not understand what to do

“If we give them practical examples and ask them for example, how many men and women in your family, they answer immediately” says Archana.

“Even I think so,” chimes in Kavitha, “when I give students a problem involving BODMAS, they normally solve it from left to right because they don’t think of the rules.”

Gayatri adds that when she explains the difference between Cuemath and other programs, most parents get easily convinced.

After a candid chat, the three teachers got the chance to meet Manan Khurma and the rest of the team.

They went back home determined to enroll their next batch of children.

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