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4 Day Cuemath Super Challenge Mumbai

4 day challenge mumbai

The Cuemath Super Challenge is getting all the Cuemath Teachers excited everywhere. The most recent challenge conducted in Mumbai was the “4 day Cuemath Super Challenge” and saw two clear winners.

One was Megha Bhagtani who enrolled 11 students in 4 days. That’s the highest any teacher has enrolled so far in all the challenges! Neelam Kumar enrolled 4 students and was the next highest in Mumbai.

After a brief chat with both of these enthusiastic teachers, it was understood that belief in the Cuemath Program is what helped both of them to convince parents.

Megha Bhagtani explains that the challenge came about when she had just begun her center with 2 students. She preferred speaking to parents one on one, so she initially contacted her acquaintances. She always explained to them about the uniqueness of the program.

“Mental aptitude and reasoning are the most important skills and are the ones that are most ignored too! It’s what you use in your daily life” she said.

Megha also informed me that she went through the resource center completely because she never wanted to be caught off-guard when speaking to parents.

“I always call parents for a CBT. There were days when I had 9 CBT appointments in a single day. It was tiring, but completely worth it!”

So what’s her opinion on convincing parents?

“Well, I invite both parents. Sometimes convincing the mother is not enough, they may not remember what all to say to the father. So I make sure the mother and father come to my center to get a feel of Cuemath” she replied.

Neelam Kumar told me that the challenge was motivating, but she was on her own pace regularly meeting 3-4 parents every day. She used to run a coaching center in Delhi previously and so, she understands the psychology of parents quite a bit. According to her, the parents also give references and these work really well.

“In the last 10 days, I met around 40 parents and conducted 20 CBTs!” she explains.

Neelam also read through the resource center and prepared her pitch by taking the best points from there.

“If we chase parents, they won’t be interested in the program. Our Program is so good, that parents are always interested in it. I never sell Cuemath because that’s completely unnecessary” she says.

Neelam recently moved to Mumbai so not knowing her neighbours was a disadvantage. In spite of this, she managed to enroll 9 students since she began her center and has many more leads.

“Now parents come to me after being referred. I just tell them how Cuemath is as necessary as regular school because children develop life skills in this kind of a program.”

Well, we’re glad that the teachers are motivated beyond doubt. Let’s look up to these two teachers for inspiration!

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