5 Best Math Teaching Aids for Your Students


5 Best Math Teaching Aids for Your Students

June 7, 2017

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Teaching is considered a noble profession. The future of the world is in your classroom and as a teacher, the onus is on you to mold them into better problem solvers.

We at Cuemath have this sorted for you.

Instead of sticking to traditional teaching methods, try to add some teaching aids into your classes. You will see that your students not only grasp concepts better but also enjoy learning math.

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Here are a few teaching aids that you can make use of.

  •     Blocks, rods & flats for numbers & operations

When teaching numbers, it’s always easier to say “I have 10 chocolates in one hand and two in the other.” instead of “Which is greater, 10 or 2?”

To introduce numbers seamlessly, you can use blocks, rods and flats. Each block represents 1 unit, each rod represents 10 units and each flat represents 100 units. A student sees how 1 block is smaller than 1 rod but 10 blocks together would be equal to 1 rod.

Students can actually understand the scale of numbers because it’s physically impossible to show 100 chocolates in one hand.

build activities


  •     Tabs to build mental agility

Technology is an important facet in today’s world and students love playing games on tabs and smartphones. A good tab can help your students improve their cognitive skills. There are a good number of free games like Peak Brain Training app which consists of multiple exercises for the brain to keep it sharp.

Cuemath Teachers use the CueStudent app, which has a good number of exercises that help students improve their mental ability.

  •     Blocks to learn fractions and decimals

Even fractions can be visualized using blocks. Take the previous example where 10 blocks make 1 rod. Students can see that 1 block would be 1/10 of a rod. Apart from this, you can also make use Cuemath’s fraction blocks as shown in the video below.



  •     Puzzles to build reasoning

Puzzles build interest among students. A lot of free puzzles are available online, you could distribute them among your students and watch how they reason out answers. Divide your students into groups of 2 or 3 and encourage them to work together and come up with answers.. Discuss the possibilities of these answers and your class will become more participatory than an average class.

  •     3D Shapes

Introduce the concept of geometry through actual shapes. This is a much better approach than just textbook images.The shapes help students visualise 3D objects. The concepts of area, volume etc. are much better explained using these figures.

3D shapes

Using the right teaching aids can bring joy to your students and ensure that each class of yours is more productive.

We’d love to hear your experiences with other teaching aids.

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