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09 November 2020

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You see all kinds of Math teachers in your life, isn’t it? Some are friendly while some are often strict with us. You know for a fact that handling a class full of naughty kids is a task in itself.

While they do that successfully, there are some peculiar things that they say which might scare us but if you think about it, they are adorably cute. There are some typical dialogues and antics that perhaps every school teacher of our country must have in common. Let us read those tickling dialogues and remember how much they scare us sometimes.

5 funny things Math teachers say-PDF

All teachers have a few common traits and lines. Here are 5 hilarious things that almost all math teachers say at least once in their life. Let us read those tickling dialogues and remember how much they scare us sometimes. Here is a downloadable PDF to explore more.

📥 5 funny things Math teachers say-PDF


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Funny things math teachers say in class

Just mug up the formula, you don’t need to understand the whole thing.

Math is a subject which deals with the 'n' number of formulas in each and every topic. Sometimes when the students are not able to understand or remember the whole formula, then the teacher asks students to just mug up the formula instead of understanding the whole thing.

 shocked reaction

Why is this statement true? Because I’m the teacher, and I say so.

During class hours, a lot of funny conversation between teacher and students happens. When a student asks continuous doubt regarding a problem statement question. The teacher replies back in a funny way telling "The statement is true because I'm the teacher and I say so".


We can skip the rest of the theoretical proof. You can do it as homework.

Theorems are sometimes tricky and teaching them to the students can take more time than the regular class hours. So, when the class is about to end and there's still a bit of theoretical proof pending.The teacher asks the student to the theoretical proof as homework. Now the students are confused and watching each other!

eye rolling side ways

I am a teacher, to save time let’s just assume I am never wrong.

A lot of funny and hilarious conversations happen between the teacher and the student. When the teacher was asked by the student why the solution is right? Math teacher replies back with "I'm a teacher, to save time lets assume I am never wrong". Now not just that student everyone in the classroom looks confused. 


Why are you asking this question? Is it a part of your syllabus?

When a student comes up with a tricky question and the Math teacher has no clue about the answer. The teacher replies back in a funny way telling "Why are you asking this question? Is it a part of your syllabus?"

Many of them would agree with this right?

out of syllabus


This blog details you about the funny things math teacher tells during class hours.

Sometimes Math Teachers are anything but scary. They bring the world of math into a child’s life easier and guide them at every step of the way.

The ideal student-teacher relationship exists when the student is better than the teacher.

Did you come across any funny or memorable lines told by your teacher during your study days?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to impress a teacher?

  • Paying attention in class.
  • Doing Homework on time.
  • Being active during class hours. 
  • Answer Questions.

How to make studying fun in math?

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External References

To learn more about the funny things or memorable things said between teacher and student, Visit here:

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