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Cuemath Olympiad 2019 - Why Your Children Should Participate?

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July 14, 2020

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With the objective of identifying and celebrating the best math minds, The Cuemath Olympiad focuses on gauging math aptitude and reasoning skills in young minds.

What is The Cuemath Olympiad 2019?

The Cuemath Olympiad is a math aptitude test for students in grades 1 to 10 which provides an absolute assessment of the child’s math knowledge and ability.

The test comprises of two rounds-

1st round (City Level) : a self-proctored home-based exam that can be taken online

2nd round (National Level) : a Cuemath center based exam conducted under the supervision of a Cuemath certified teacher

Only students who have successfully met the minimum cut-off criteria in each section and whose first round scores are in the top twenty-five percentile of each city are eligible for the next round. Each student has to participate in both rounds to win this challenge. 


Rs.30 lakh+ worth of cash prizes & scholarships

All participants in The Cuemath Olympiad will be felicitated with certificates & rewards depending on their ranks in their respective grade-wise groups.

There are cash rewards and scholarships worth more than Rs.30 lakh+ to be won.

In round 1, each participant will receive a certificate.

In round 2, the top three ranks within their respective grades at the national level will receive a cash prize.

Cash reward for Rank 1 : Rs. 50,000/-
Cash reward for Rank 2 : Rs. 20,000/-
Cash reward for Rank 3 : Rs. 10,000/- 


5 ways in which The Cuemath Olympiad will help your child

  • Understanding concepts: Children get tested on their conceptual understanding and critical thinking. The detailed analysis provides insights on how and where to improve. 
  • Builds confidence: Concept clarity leads to confidence which equips children to face future challenges. With the test, children get a 360 degree view of their math skills and exposure to competitive exams in the future.
  • Problem-solving skills: It cultivates the analytical thinking of a child and enhances their problem-solving skills making them clever problem solvers for life.
  • Platform to showcase their talent: Detailed performance comparison on both state and national level gives children a platform to showcase their talent and stand out amongst their peers.
  • Profile building: A child’s achievement gets added to their academic profiles as they get recognition for their talent. Based on their performances, all the participants will receive certificates and rewards. 

To know more about The Cuemath Olympiad, read the FAQ section using the link here.

Here are some important dates for you to remember-

  • Round 1: 16th and 17th November, 2019 

Login Time: any time between 12 PM-6PM

Result Announcement Date: 24th November, 2019

  • Round 2: 11-12th January, 2020

Exam Time: To be announced in December 2019

Admit Card: will be sent after shortlists post Round 1

Result date: 24th January, 2020

For more details and updates on The Cuemath Olympiad 2019, stay tuned.

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