5 Tips To Help Your Child Overcome The Fear Of Math

5 Tips To Help Your Child Overcome The Fear Of Math

June 7, 2018

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If your child is facing the fear of math, then take solace from the fact that he / she is not alone. A majority of the students nowadays suffer from this problem. The good news is that as a parent, you can do many things to help your child overcome the fear of math without having to depend on others.

So let us look at 5 things that you can do to help your child learn math without facing the fear of math:

Be patient: If your child is facing difficulties in understanding math or in solving math problems, do not lose your patience or scold the child in any way. Explain the topics repeatedly or revise the old lessons till the child gains the necessary confidence.

Try explaining with practical examples: If your child is unable to understand a particular lesson, then it’s time for you to be creative. Find out a simpler way to explain the concept using simple examples of what the child sees in his / her day to day life. This is a proven approach which can make it easier for the student to learn the lessons as well as overcome the fear of math.

Practice repeatedly: By making your child solve the math problems regularly, you will ensure that he / she is able to apply the math concepts practically. Regular practice will give them all the confidence that they will need to answer their school math examination papers without any problems.

Slow down: Never force your child to learn math. Instead, try to make the learning experience as enjoyable for the child as possible. If you find that your child is facing difficulty in understanding any topic, then slow down. Give the child as much time as he / she requires to understand and remember the concept. If you speed through the lessons, then the fundamentals will not be clear and the child will face severe problems in understanding the advanced math problems in the future.

Play math games: To make learning math and enjoyable experience, try to play math games with the child regularly. Making the child solve mental math problems and also playing other games that involve counting and other mathematical operations will prove to be very useful for making math learning interesting for the child. Not only will this remove the fear of math, but will also develop the creativity and logical reasoning skills of the child.

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