5 tips to help your child win the back to school game

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Where did the summer go? Yes, this must be the biggest question on every parent’s minds right now! And, has this 90-days of summer fun thrown your child off their usual routine of waking up early and getting to school on time? Yes, it is time that you help your child get ready for the classroom once again!

We have collated a list of 5 tips to help your child get ready for the back-to-school challenge:

1. Get fit:

It goes without saying that staying fit is important to ensure your child’s overall well being. Physical exercise helps your child stay active, develop endurance and build a strong heart.

With these many benefits, staying fit will only ensure your child stays on the track to a great school year. And with schools about to open, this is the right time to increase the intensity by a few notches.

Also, go for the easy exercises if your kid isn’t too inclined – jumping jacks, hops and stretching.

2. Set a routine:

Over the summer vacation, it’s easy to stray away from an otherwise stringent routine of sleeping early and waking up on time, getting the right amount of sleep, preparing and making sure homework is completed and nothing is left behind.

Various researchers have constantly shed light on the effect of setting a routine on a person’s well being. A routine not just helps your child stay on track, but also makes them more punctual and less stressed over time.

3. Set academic goals:

As your child gets back to school, setting up some academic goals for the rest of the year is important to help them stay on the right track to achieve the desired results. Not only will it help you monitor the preparation and performance of your child, but it will also help your child in learning the importance of goal-setting. Your child’s academic goals will differ from that of their classmates and should be prepared to keep in mind your child’s performance.

4. Create excitement:

‘I’m thrilled to go back to school’ said no child ever.

Going back to the monotonous routine of waking up early and going to school is the last thing your child will have on their mind during the summer holidays. But it’s important for you to start preparing your child and create some hype to make them feel excited about going back to school:

  •     Try reminding them of the old friends they’ll be meeting after going back.
  •     Remind them of the fun school picnic and to help them really get into it.
  •     Change their school bags.
  •     Buy them new stationery, anything that they’ll really want to show their friends after school opens.  

5. Get ready mom and dad:

While you’ve already started preparing your child to win the back-to-school game, ensure that you are getting enough sleep, check meal plans and ensure you too are prepared when your child goes back to school.


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