How to get your Child back to School Mode?

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12 November 2020

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Where did the summer go?

Yes, this must be the biggest question on every parent’s mind right now! And, has these 90-days of summer fun thrown your child off their usual routine of waking up early and getting to school on time?

Yes, it's time that you help your child get ready for the classroom once again!

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Keeping your Child stay Fit

Staying fit is essential to ensure your child’s overall well being. Physical exercise helps your child stay active, develop endurance, and build a healthy heart.

With these many benefits, staying fit will only ensure your child stays on track to a great school year. And with schools about to open, this is the right time to increase the intensity by a few notches.

Also, go for the easy exercises if your kid isn’t too inclined – jumping jacks, hops, and stretching. 

Kid Jumping in joy with parents

Setting up back to school routine

Over the summer vacation, it’s easy to stray away from a stringent school routine of sleeping early and waking up on time, getting the right amount of sleep, preparing and making sure homework is completed, and nothing is left behind. It is true that in many ways, parents go back to school with their children. Start improving your routine as well to make the transition smoother.

important notes to remember
"A routine not just helps your child stay on track, but also makes them more punctual and less stressed over time."

Various researchers have regularly shed light on the effect of setting a routine on a person’s well being.

A routine not just helps your child stay on track, but also makes them more punctual and less stressed over time.

You can start one or two weeks prior and make them follow their school routine of sleeping early and waking up early to make sure things fall into place when the actual school days arrive.

Daily routine performed by kids

Setting Academic Goals

As your child gets back to school, setting up some academic goals for the rest of the year is vital to help them stay on the right track to achieve the desired results. Not only will it help you monitor the preparation and performance of your child, but it will also help your child in learning the importance of goal-setting.

Your child’s academic goals will differ from that of their classmates and should be prepared to keep in mind your child’s performance.

Opened books placed on disheveled bed.

Create excitement

‘I’m thrilled to go back to school,’ said no child ever.

Going back to the monotonous routine of waking up early and going to school is the last thing your child will have on their mind during the summer holidays. But you need to start preparing your child and create some hype to make them feel excited about going back to school:

  •     Try reminding them of the old friends they’ll be meeting after going back to school.
  •     Remind them of the fun school picnic and to help them get into it.
  •     Change their school bags.
  •     Buy them new stationery, anything that they’ll want to show their friends after school opens.  
  •     Engage with your child in their interests and strengths. Encourage them about the activities that they love outside of the school. 

Boy and Girl getting excited by looking at the grey macbook screen


Get ready, Mom and Dad

While you’ve already started preparing your child to win the back-to-school challenge, ensure that you are getting enough sleep, check meal plans, and ensure you are prepared too when your child goes back to school.

Once your child starts going to school again, you should look out for any signs of stress or anxiety. Sometimes, the new school year, new friends, new classrooms, etc. make children uncomfortable and nervous.

If your child tries to escape out of the school, appears restless, becomes quieter than usual, and avoids school activities, the chances are that they are having some stress.

Try talking to your child and ask questions about their day at school, their friends, and teachers. Even speak to their teachers and school coordinators to check how things are going.

Work together with them and work out a strategy for support. You discussing these things with your child is important because sometimes there can be a lot more going on than just nervousness, like bullying.



This blog talks about how to get your child back to school mode. 

School bells are ringing loud and clear; vacation’s over, school is here.

Today’s predictions about the future of learning might eventually seem as preposterous as early 20th century predictions of flying cars and robot butlers.

But what we sometimes forget is that our vision for the future today will ultimately shape the outcomes of tomorrow–not in a causal, deterministic way, but in an enabling way.

By sharing our hopes and dreams for an open future for learning, we foster an environment in which it can happen.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who invented school?

Horace Mann invented school and today it is the 'United States' modern school system.

External References

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