5 tips to re-starting from home


5 tips to re-starting from home

Explicitly seek the support of your family : Don’t Assume they know. 

So you have decided to work from home. Whatever your reason for being at home, as a mother, or lack of interest in a permanent job, the desire for flexibility because you have other interests, first be clear about the reason and then enlist the support of those closest to you.  

What is your inner reason ? Remind your-self of this motivation 

Why do you want to-restart? Tell yourself and your family explicitly the true inner reason.  Are you are missing an element of challenge? or you feel less independent or are craving for a sense of purpose. Whatever your “inner reason” maybe, state it clearly. It will help you not just start, but keep you going in the difficult times, which are a part of every journey.   

You need to restart, is something others in the family cannot easily sense, unless you tell them.  So don’t be shy of sharing the way you feel. 

Getting the support of the family is a wise decision, and even if it takes a bit of time, get your family on your side. Be clear about the compromises they may have to make, even small ones and be explicit about the support you seek from them. 

Out of your comfort zone ? Get used to it. 

Being an entrepreneur, being on your own, will take effort. There are times when you will need to do things that are not in your comfort zone. Like try and sell your capabilities, you may have never felt the need to market yourself before, advocate for your point of view, and don’t get disheartened if a few people say no. Many nos precede a yes.  These experiences may not be common in a job, but when you are on your own, these are to be expected. 

Ask your-self how much time you have to spare : Don’t over commit 

Most of those want to work from home, are well educated. They miss the sense of achievement and purpose in their work roles not just the extra income. 

But remember any new work, part time or full time will need some extra effort in the beginning. Make sure you have created time for some extra effort in the beginning. Get some-one to help you at home, or finish any major tasks that require your time. Find a slot, in which you can put in extra effort and get  accustomed to the new work environment. This is key to settling down. Sometimes taking the first option that comes along results in over committing and then you can stop altogether.

Learn from others, adapt quickly

As an entrepreneur your success depends on your hard work, and more importantly, it depends on your ability to adapt and learn. Learn from your mistakes and to learn from others. How fast you can adapt to circumstances and deliver a better service product and experience will determine your success. Before you begin something explore it. Meet people in that line of business, and get a feel for the work to be done. Keep meeting people and seek to emulate their best ideas. 

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