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Should younger siblings be allowed to cut pie for Thanksgiving?


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Sure, it’s about family get-togethers and history, but for me, it’s about the pumpkin pie.

I opened the fridge an hour after mom had baked my favourite pie and was horrified to see this:

My brother! Didn’t he learn how to cut circles so that everyone gets an equal slice?

Don’t get me wrong. I love my brother. But I LOVE pumpkin pie. It’s just the right amount of sweet, and it melts in your mouth. The pastry, too, with its perfectly baked crust, adds volumes of flavor to a magical dish. And when mom made it, it looked something like this:

How difficult is it to cut a slice of pie? It’s a circle! You cut from the center and the distance from the circle to the boundary is equal. Everyone goes home happy.

But, my brother! Seriously? Who even cuts a pie like that? Mom and dad try and reason with me that he’s still a kid. He’s 10 years old! Hasn’t he seen how a pie should be cut? Didn’t his teacher tell him that each line drawn from the center of the circle to a point on its boundary is equal? Sure, I could have used this logic to him, while cutting a large slice of pie for myself, but sadly, I can’t do that with this pie. 

If you’ve had such a nightmare thanks to a sibling, then you’ll probably empathize with how I feel. You’ll also understand that you can use your knowledge of circles to get a bigger slice of pie in case people at home cut pies in a civilized manner. After all, all circular foods when cut properly, will ensure everyone gets an equal slice.

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