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Cuemath Olympiad Program 2019

July 17, 2019

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Grade change request

In case your child has enrolled in the Olympiad program for a wrong Grade, you can raise a request with your teachers to change the grade of the Olympiad program. This grade change will only happen for the Olympiad program & won’t impact the grade registered with Cuemath.

Additional Help for IMO preparation

Some of our teacher centres are providing additional in-class support for IMO exam preparation. The In-class preparation support pack is priced at INR 1,000 & includes 24 half-hour sessions given in addition to regular classes, focused on IMO preparation.

Please reach out to your teacher to know if her center is offering this support pack.

FAQ on Cuemath Olympiad Program’19

How will I receive my printed version of practice ebook on School Math & Aptitude?

Printed practice ebooks (School Math & Aptitude) will only be dispatched for students who have attempted the online benchmark test by 3rd OCT 2019. These printed e-books will be dispatched to the teacher’s address& parents can collect the same from them.

Each online test has an “available on” date. Does it mean, that test can be taken only on that particular date?

The dates mentioned for tests are unlocked dates. Students can attempt a test on or after the unlock date.

In-case my child loses his/her printed practice ebooks, what can be done?

Incase the printed ebooks are misplaced or damaged parents can request their teachers to buy an additional pack of printed ebooks (School Math & Aptitude) from Cuestore priced at INR 99.

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