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Sometimes in life, we meet women who are a delight to talk to. Cuemath teacher Mrs. Anagha Pandit is one such woman. Although I didn’t get the chance to meet her, speaking with her about her experience gave me a feeling that she was born to teach.

After completing her schooling in Goa, Anagha pursued her graduation in Mumbai in the commerce field. During her college days, she would teach younger students in her free time to support her family financially. She describes herself as someone who loves to teach, and says

“In those days, we could not go for a B.Ed if we were commerce graduates. So I continued to take tuitions for around 9 years and totally enjoyed myself”

However, when Anagha felt the need for a full-time job, she joined an MNC and worked there for 23 years to be precise. After such a long time in the corporate field, one would think that Anagha would’ve liked some peace and free time after quitting her job.

cuemath teacher with her students

Anagha had different plans. After quitting her job 5 years back, she wanted to do something to make an impact. She came across an organization that taught soft-skills to municipal children. She found it interesting and joined the organization. She was thereafter allotted a school and was required to go for just an hour a week.

“With this, I got back in touch with my teaching side and realised that teaching was what I wanted to continue with” explains Anagha.

Luck favoured Anagha when she came across Cuemath on Facebook. She explains that because the program was designed by alumni from highly renowned universities, her family also had complete faith in it.

Anagha explains that she enjoyed being around children and teaching them new things was a passion for her.

She was certified as a Cuemath teacher in January but decided to wait till the final exams got over. In the meantime she spoke to parents who had small children and got a few leads and started her center in Thane.

“I wasn’t happy with ‘a few’, I wanted many students. So I planned something big!” she explains.

cuemath teacher with her students

Every year, a “women entrepreneurs’ exhibition” would take place in Anagha’s locality. She pounced upon this chance and completed all the formalities to set up a kiosk at this exhibition with all the banners and other Cuemath material.

“It was a wonderful experience and I got around 70-80 leads from it. From these, I converted around 8 students then and there” explains Anagha.

She followed up with many more parents and conducted Parent workshops and now runs a comfortable number of 19 students.

“I intend to grow more in the next two months so I’m planning some newspaper activities and all. I feel that word-of-mouth publicity works the best. Parents who love the program are talking about it and Cuemath is spreading like wild fire!”

I asked her how her students find Cuemath.

She began by explaining about one of her students, who she found takes his time to learn things. She started him off with lower level worksheets in order to strengthen his basics. The child’s mother warned Anagha that he would not go to a class if he didn’t like the teacher and neither does he mingle much with students.

“In spite of this, I can see him slowly picking up with math. Now he religiously comes to all the classes and his mother told me that the fact that he is eager to attend class and spend time with me says that he likes the program” says the teacher happily.

cuemath teacher with her students

Anagha asserts that students are the ones who give the best feedback.

“They all love the tab activities and the puzzle cards are a hit! My students tell me that they know the questions are easy but they’re given with a twist. When they come to class, they show off so much with their answers” she says.

The Cuemath teacher tells me an incident where one student told her that 7×3 is 24. She explains that she was initially furious, but soon realized that the reality in today’s education is this.

“It’s up to us to guide these young minds in the right path” she explains.

I then asked her what it feels like to be a Cuemath teacher.

“I must say frankly, teaching must come from within. It shouldn’t be something you do to solely make money.”

Anagha explains that as a Cuemath teacher, she is very convinced about the benefits of the program and says that to explain to others the importance of strong basics is crucial today.

Anagha explains that she is very happy with her current role and intends to continue to make an impact.

“Age is just a number! Any woman can now think of a relaxed second innings at any age now because of Cuemath!” she says and we both sign off.

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