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Can you solve this number puzzle?




Every tried solving math puzzles?

Math puzzle helps you to exercise your brain and boost memory. It can improve your logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

At Cuemath, we regularly present challenging and stimulating math puzzles. We encourage our students to think logically and understand the ‘Why’ behind ‘What’ of everything.

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Can you solve this number puzzle?


How to crack the puzzle?

  • Let’s look at the numbers like – 22, 44, 66 etc. Clearly, if you reverse the order of digits, the numbers remain the same and therefore, their products will remain the same as well.
  • Next, let’s look at the pairs of numbers like – 23 and 32 OR 45 and 54 OR 67 and 76. We can see that the second number in each pair is obtained by reversing the order of digits of the first number. Clearly, for such pairs as well, the product will remain the same.
  • Now, let’s find more of such pairs by doing some algebra!

Let’s assume that the first number is pq and the second number is mn. If we reverse the digits of each, then we obtain qp and nm. Now we want the product of the first pair to be equal to the product of the second pair:

(10p + q)(10m + n) = (10q + p)(10n + m)

100pm + 10pn + 10qm + qn = 100qn + 10qm + 10pn + pm

100pm – pm = 100qn-qn

99pm = 99qn


Thus, if the product of the unit digits is equal to the product of tens digits, then we get pairs of numbers such that if we reverse the order of digits of each, then the product remains the same!

Following are the possible solutions:

  • 12×42 = 21 x24 24×63 = 42×36
  • 12×63 = 21 x36 24×84 = 42×48
  • 13×62 = 31×26 23×96 = 32×69
  • 12×84 = 21×48 26×93 = 62×39
  • 14×82 = 41×28 34×86 = 43×68
  • 13×93 = 31×39 36×84 = 63×48
  • 23×64 = 33×46 46×96 = 64×69


Did you realize the importance of attempting such puzzles?

Math puzzles help you not only gain a deeper insight into mathematical concepts but also strengthen your critical thinking skills. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a fun and engaging math puzzle that will help you understand math in a fun way.

Hope you had a great learning experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of solving number puzzles?

  • Number puzzles help make maths enjoyable.
  • They take away the fear of math.
  • They help you grasp diverse mathematical concepts.
  • They build fluency.
  • Number puzzles help develop strategic thinking.

Riddles meaning in Hindi?

Riddles in Hindi are called “Paheliya” or “Paheliyan”. 

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