Are Schools and Exams Preparing Your Child for The Future

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July 22, 2020

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As the summer break wraps up, children all over the country are gearing up for a new school session. This, however, raises an important question – as adults, how much of the information and concepts learned in school do you remember or even apply?

Our educational system was designed for the 20th century, where the focus was more on teaching children how to retain information and manipulate numbers rather than applying concepts. It prepares your child for jobs of the 20th Century, which catered to the needs of the Industrial era.

According to the World Economic Forum, half of the jobs that exist today will become automated in the future. So, for jobs of the 21st century, i.e., the information era, the need of the hour is completely different.

In the automated and tech-enabled future, your child will need skills that would help them collaborate, solve problems, and communicate. These are skills that are mostly developed through social and emotional proficiency, topped with the traditional skills needed to succeed.

Exams and Marks are not a Real Test of Knowledge

Traditional schools exams train your child to develop a mindset that a given amount of effort will always bring in measurable and predictable results, which wires their brains into thinking that success is defined by marks. However, the real world does not work like that.

This single-minded, teaching-for-the-tests method used in schools and tuition, puts your child in a repeated drill. The objective- focus on what needs to be written in the exams.

These examinations are not about solving, thinking, or creating. It’s a test of their ability to recall and execute the information they mugged up with speed and precision.

This system encourages, recognizes, and rewards children who memorize and repeat rather than think and reason — an outcome with dire consequences

‘Good Scores’ does not Indicate a Student is Well-Versed in the Skills Required for the Future

Over-reliance on marks and rote learning affects your child’s ability to understand and grasp concepts. There is no scientific indication that higher scores would lead to better life outcomes.

The need of the hour is not a system that tests your child based on what they’ve learned in textbooks but one that focuses on the application of concepts and encourages critical thinking skills, reasoning, and problem-solving abilities.

Cuemath has been developing these skills in children for years through a multi-format learning system which focuses on concepts, application, and reasoning. The learning method develops skills that are essential for your child to succeed in the future and be part of a new breed of innovators and problem solvers.

The future belongs to the creative and innovative youngsters of tomorrow. Prepare your child for tomorrow-today.


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