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Are you paying extra for your pizza?

After finding a different way to cut up pizzas over lunch hour at work, we at the Cuemath HQ decided to think about our finances. Putting aside the fact that it was only the middle of the month. 

The pizza we ordered and the pizza we ate did cost us a lot of money. We started thinking about our choices. 

Why did we order 2 medium pizzas, instead of a large one that all of us could share? 

If we look at it from a spending perspective, the 2 medium pizzas actually cost us more than 1 large pizza. When we calculated the price differences between the two, it was a whopping Rs. 305 (excluding taxes)!

You may argue that 2 medium pizzas have more pizza in quantity compared to that of 1 large pizza.

But that’s something that pizza places everywhere want you to think. 😉

Still don’t believe me? Let’s look at the sizes and their areas. A large size pizza, is of 14 inches. Whereas a medium sized pizza (the one we ordered) comes at 10 inches. 

Now you may say- ‘Yes, but you ordered two 10 inches medium pizzas, which is clearly more than one 14 inches pizza.’

But the math behind it says otherwise. 

We all remember (I wish I did), the formula to calculate the area of a circle as: A=πr

So, if we compare the areas of the two pizzas, we get: 

For the medium pizza (10 inches), the Area will be = 22/7x(10/2)2 

                                                                              = 78.5 sq. inches 

And we had two of it, so the total area is= 2×78.5 sq. inches= 157 sq. inches of pizza

For the large pizza (14 inches), the Area will be = 22/7x (14/2)

                                                                         = 154 sq. inches of pizza

So mathematically, by ordering two medium pizzas (10 inches), you’re actually paying an excess of Rs. 305 for just 3 extra sq. inches. 

Makes sense? No right?

Cuemath children learn how to apply math in their day to day life, even in the things they do or the things they buy. The next time you order a pizza for yourself or for your family, make sure to do a little math.

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