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Cuemath teacher Shivani Agarwal recently conducted a Parent Workshop at her house in Mandi Gobindgarh. We asked her about her experience with the event. This is what she had to say.

“Before the parent workshop, I studied the basic concepts of math. We have all learnt math in different ways and like many of the kids now-a-days, I too was very scared of math when I was a student. I knew that in order to teach math, people would expect me to be good at math. I browsed through the basics in math.

Another thing I did was, I tracked down all the daily life activities that use math in some way or the other. This is ultimately why we learn different subjects right? To make our daily lives simple.

Sometimes when parents speak with me, they ask why my classes are different from reputed tuition centers or school teachers. This is when I bring up the use of math in daily life. I explain to them that in school and tuition, a child would learn the formula by heart by the child won’t know where in life to use this.

Most parents agree with this thought and when they know that there is something to look forward to, they come for the Parent Workshop. I think that we should follow up on parents that are generally interested. Most parents who have suffered bad math experiences will definitely not want their children to go through the same thing.

I used whatsapp extensively to promote the parent workshop, I sent messages into the groups and asked my friends to forward the messages in their groups. I got a lot of queries this way. When parents called me with questions, I explained and gave them the link to the Cuemath website. Personally I feel that whatsapp gives an amazing boost because it’s more personalised.

Since I had a bigger crowd for the Parent Workshop, I decided to use a projector instead of just the laptop so that everyone present could see the screen properly. I also implemented speakers for clearer sound.

One parent came all the way from Ludhiana for the Parent Workshop. It was so motivating for me.

Himanshu led the Parent Workshop perfectly and all the parents were very happy. Some of them couldn’t make it for the workshop. They assured me that they were signing up their children with Cuemath anyway since they were already convinced about it!”

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