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Bengaluru’s favourite math teacher

Bengaluru’s favourite math teacher

June 29, 2016

bengaluru's favorite cuemath teacher

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For Mrs. Gauri Purohit, teaching math has been fun. She has been associated with Cuemath for more than two years now and says that teaching with Cuemath is the best decision she ever made.

Speaking about how Cuemath is changing the children today, Gauri opens up;

“This is my 3rd year as a Cuemath teacher and even though I was clueless about how to start teaching, I managed to run my little class with the help from the team at Cuemath.”

Gauri explained that once she received her certification, she began speaking to her neighbours. Initially, it was very difficult to convince them about the program.

“Cuemath had just begun back then. Nobody knew about it and here I was, explaining that it would change a child’s life”

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Did that work?

“Nope. Then I realised that I should tell them HOW it would work. I told them that in today’s world, competition is extremely high and kids need to be guided more instead of taught. The kids now a days are all geniuses. But when they are guided in the wrong way, it obviously won’t give good results”

Gauri says that the positive response she got from parents after that motivated her to go on and give her best shot at teaching the children. She explains that Cuemath helps children do well because it is highly organized and doesn’t confuse them.

“Because of the wonderful results from my first few students, more and more people came to know about Cuemath. This word-of-mouth marketing helped me to get another set of students easily.”

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Gauri gives the example of a child who was extremely restless. The child’s mother complained that he was not attentive, never answered in class etc. Gauri suggested that the child enroll with Cuemath and saw that the program engaged him and that he sat through the entire session to learn.

“His mother then told me that his teachers at school are astounded by his change because now he doesn’t wait for them to help him in class, but finishes everything.”

Gauri Purohit believes that Cuemath brings about positivity in the air. She explains why it is important for children to receive personal attention

“Collectively, children may have different problems but only when I sit with each, I’m able to figure out the weakness of each student. This helps me to guide them better and so I somehow get referred to as their favourite teacher!”

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So would Gauri recommend Cuemath to another teacher?

“Of course I would! I get a feeling of accomplishment when I mould the lives of children and they emerge as winners. It’s a beautiful feeling and is something that makes you understand your worth.”

Gauri signs off saying Math has always been something she loved and sharing that love with children is a wonderful job to do.

You can also become a math teacher with Cuemath and make a difference in the lives of many children.

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