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Best Math Books For Students

June 19, 2020

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Maths is a subject which becomes increasingly important in our daily lives. There are countless math books that are published every year. But are all the books equally good? In this article, we have listed some of the best math textbooks which have earned a reputation amongst the students and the teachers over the last few years.

We have segregated these best books to learn maths as per the different branches of mathematics. We have aimed that this set of books becomes a wishlist for any person who is aspiring to do great in mathematics. We highly recommend each and everyone to enjoy this list of best books on mathematics.

This set of must-have best math books are:-

  • Easy to understand

For every book, language plays a very vital role. The book must lay down with enough examples and problems which will raise the curiosity of the students.

  • Articulate and concise

Math books must have many axioms, formulas, and concepts that are introduced to students in a way that is concise and easy to articulate.

  • Informative

The list of books is honored with the title of “best books to learn maths” because of the reason that they have plenty of informative illustrations like graphs, diagrams, and tables which makes it more fluent to understand mathematics.

We will be starting our list by stating the best math books for arithmetic

  1. Iconic Arithmetic, by William Bricken

The book is divided into two volumes which display the universe of arithmetic in a formal and easy to understand structure. This book has descriptive elaborations about the topics and the concepts with a lot of examples that pertain to real-life scenarios. 

  1. Objective Arithmetic, by R.S. Agarwal

This book is highly recommended for even the competitive level examinations because of its simple to grasp concepts, objective type questions, formula sets, and assignment sheets.

The best math textbooks for algebra

  1. Contemporary Abstract Algebra, by Joseph Gallian

This book is an excellent starting point for any student who is looking out to learn and understand the stream of algebra. This book has rock-solid proofs, abundant exercises, well-chosen examples, and a gentle language.

  1. Abstract Algebra, by David S. Dummit and Richard M. Foote

This particular book is for some serious math learners who are thrilled by the rigor they face. This book effectively explains some sophisticated algebraic concepts and theories which seamlessly fill the gap of knowledge.

The best math books is on calculus

  1. The Calculus Lifesaver, by Adrian Banner

This book has straightforward explanations and loads of examples which helps students to learn the concepts very easily. It is both a primary read as well as the supplementary aid to students.

  1. Calculus, Vol. 1, by Tom M. Apostol

The author tried to make a perfect balance between the theory and the application of calculus through this book. He explained the “why” along with the “how” of calculus paying special attention to problems and exercises.

  1. Calculus, Vol. 2, by Tom M. Apostol

As a follow-up to volume one, the author tries to enhance the basics of the reader's understanding through multi variable and advanced applications in this book.

The best math books for geometry

  1. Linear Algebra Done Right, by Sheldon Axler

This book takes the readers through a thoughtful and theoretical approach of geometry by displaying elegant proofs, simple calculations, and formulas. This book can be a great supplement for those who want to excel in geometry.

  1. The Four Pillars of Geometry, by John Stillwell

A very beautifully written book that connects the dots between four different viewpoints in geometry i.e. constructions, linear algebra, projective geometry, and transformation groups. This book emphasizes on building the ability of students through regular examinations.

The best math books of statistics

  1. Introductory Statistics, by Neil A. Weiss

This helps the readers to develop their understanding of statistics and the reason behind this subject. It is a well-structured book for both the beginners and the experts written with detailed explanations in clear language.

  1. Statistics, by David Freedman, Robert Pisani, and Roger Purves

An excellent, non-technical, and simple introductory book in statistics which is generally intended for lower-level students. It presents ideas through real-life examples and observational studies.

Number theory is one of the most important concepts in mathematics. Some of the best math books for the same are:

  1. Elementary Number Theory, by Gareth A. Jones and Josephine M. Jones

For students who want to understand the literature behind the number system and get a good supplementary study or reference material, this book is a must-read. It lays down both the basic and advanced concepts in a detailed and understandable approach.

  1. An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers, by G. H. Hardy, Edward M. Wright, and Andrew Wiles

This book is one of the most commonly used books in the number theory course. It provides a journey through numerous number-theoretical ideas and exercises. It is an absolute classic to keep in a bookshelf.

Trigonometry is a concept that is often difficult for the students. Some of the best math books in this subject are:

  1. Plane Trigonometry, by S.L. Loney

This book is one of the best sellers of trigonometry which is designed for elementary education in the subject. It builds the concepts from scratch by explaining all the different angles of trigonometry with proper details.

  1. Trigonometry for dummies, by Mary Jane Sterling

This book is a very plain English guide to the basics of trigonometry. It tries to explain all the concepts in a friendly manner by offering lots of easy to grasp examples and illustrations.


There are other books also which students can follow for different branches of mathematics. Sometimes, some of the books are highly recommended by the school/college authorities. During that time, the above-mentioned books could be used as reference material for better understanding.

These books are the best math books that are highly appreciated by both teachers and students. We encourage each and every math learner to have these sets of books in order to do great in mathematics.

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