What kind technology can boost learning experience in a child?


Jan 15, 2021

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Why Technology is important in kid development?

  • Technology allows for creativity & freedom of expression
  • Technology aids in socialization and relationship building
  • Technology allows for independence and empowerment
  • Technology improves problem solving and perseverance
  • Technology helps instill an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Technology enhances learning
  • Technology jobs are (and will be) in high demand

Technology provides dynamic opportunities for Math educators to create a learning environment relevant to their students.

It helps the Maths teachers to efficiently personalize students’ learning experience and enhance their Math learning process by imparting instructions in Maths through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) classrooms.

Technology empowers the students on how they learn Maths by giving them ownership over their learning process. Technology is now an integral part of every child’s life. Usage of technology in education makes learning relevant to their digital lives.

Students are therefore inspired to become problem-solvers, critical thinkers, collaborators, and creators. Thus, it prepares the students for the 21st-century workforce with modern skills and competencies.

In this era of technology, a teacher’s role in using technology is essential to create a blended learning environment that helps the students to prepare themselves for the role they would play in the future.

Mathematics is a complex subject. Difficulty in understanding Maths creates learning gaps which eventually results in a lack of interest in the subject. This poses a significant challenge to the teachers and educators, especially at the primary and intermediate levels.

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The technology used to enhance students learning 

Now, let us take a look at how Maths teachers can use technology to enhance students’ learning experience:


Teacher explaining kid with computer in front of them

With the help of a computer in the classroom, teachers can access content related to the subject, demonstrate new lessons, and show educational videos. We can reasonably say that having a computer in the classroom is an asset for the teacher.


Teacher using white board to explain to kids

An interactive whiteboard helps to enhance the classroom learning experience through the display on the screen. Students can enjoy visual learning. It also makes the classroom sessions interactive by making the students write, draw, and manipulate images on the interactive whiteboard.


Teacher using graphs representation to explain to kids

Multimedia brings learning to life. Plain text presentation, though done through the use of technology can be tedious and disengaging for the students.

Including multimedia elements for presentations and thus varying the content and making them more tangible visually, teachers can effectively retain the students’ attention. Graphs and pictographs can be depicted using multimedia in classrooms.


Teacher using videos to present to kids

Mini-videos can be used effectively to teach concepts and explain formulae in Mathematics.

The visual impact of learning through mini-video lessons has a profound impact on the students’ understanding of the topic and therefore resonates with them. The use of animated videos can impact a child’s development positively.


Kid using app for math learning

There are many teaching software and Mathematical apps available today. Some of the are :

Web-based graphing calculator, Desmos, helps students in playing with and testing Mathematical ideas and also to share and collaborate in class.

GeoGebra is another interactive Geometry, Algebra, Statistics, and Calculus application for learning and teaching Maths.

Matlab and Dynamic Geometry Tools are some of the other applications that may be used.


Kid using technology to solve math problems

Technology can be used to reinforce certain Math concepts by using virtual manipulatives. An example of this is the use of virtual Geoboards to illustrate area, perimeter, and rational numbers concepts. Such use of manipulatives helps students to learn abstract ideas and provide them with more tangible visualizations.


kids busy with digital devices

There are always some students in the class who finish their work earlier than the others. Teachers can provide some online activities to such students who have completed their work.

This gives them an engaging way to process their learning further. It is essential that such activities are aligned with what is being taught in the class, thus allowing students to delve into relevant topics.

Benefits of Exposing Young Children to Modern Technology

Better Hand-eye Coordination

Through drawing in applications, youngsters build up their dexterity further. This happens when kids outwardly follow an item on the screen and effectively take an interest in the movement the application presents. Dexterity is basic as youngsters start school when they figure out how to utilize their hands and eyes while composing and drawing.

Improves Language Skills

Dynamic screen time assist kids with creating language aptitudes. By perusing digital books or getting to stories on the web, they learn new words and appropriate approaches to articulate them. Numerous kinds of language improvement innovation offer multisensory commitment, which offers speed and backing to the learning cycle.

Promotes School Readiness and Cognitive Development

For innovation to be important in early instruction, it should give occasions to kids to acquire the vital abilities to set them up for school. Numerous formatively suitable PC programs increment a youngster's status to master Perusing and Math.

Higher Capacity for Visual Attention

Gaming and learning applications equip children to pay more attention to details in order to complete these activities.

Enhances Social Interaction Skills

As youngsters build up their language aptitudes, they can ingest thoughts that furnish them with abilities vital in relating to others. At the point when innovation is utilized properly, innovation can be utilized in a joint effort with others.


Technology, today is critical to students’ learning as it is an important part of their everyday life. This makes the use of technology indispensable in the present learning environment.

It builds upon a student’s prior knowledge and skills which helps them to connect different mathematical concepts.

It focuses on the students’ competence by impacting their memory, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

In today’s digital era, with the use of technology for delivering classroom lessons, a teacher’s role becomes that of a facilitator.

A teacher should be competent enough to use, instruct, and provide students with access to such technologies, software, and internet connectivity.

Thereby, the best Math teachers enhance the learning experience of students through the use of technology to support and enhance students learning experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do students benefit from technology in the classroom?

Students can learn useful life skills through technology

Modern learning is about collaborating with others, solving complex problems, critical thinking, developing different forms of communication and leadership skills, and improving motivation and productivity.

How do you use technology to enhance learning?

  • Digital Simulations And Models. In traditional learning, it is sometimes difficult for students to get a concept.
  • Improved Communication.
  • Advanced Research.
  • Effective Assessments.

Do students learn better with technology?

In multiple, large-scale studies where technology has been incorporated into the learning experiences of hundreds of students across multiple schools and school systems, they have been associated with better academic outcomes than comparable classrooms that did not include technology.

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