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10 Best Out of Waste Ideas for Class 2


04 January 2021

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What is reusing?

Reusing is the only way to reduce the accumulation of toxic waste products. Instead of creating new waste products, we should recycle and reuse existing products.

This can be done by making use of our creativity and intellect. Students should be trained to reuse waste products so that they can reduce unwanted contamination.

There are various things to make out of waste. Transforming waste products into useful products is a skill that every millennial has to acquire. When you put these waste materials for the right use, you can create pretty handicrafts, accessories, or even toys.

This would be an amazing way to reuse these waste products.

10 Best Out of Waste Ideas for Class 2 - PDF

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Why Recycling?

Recycling teaches your child about the need to conserve natural resources. Recycling protects the environment by reducing the transmission of unwanted waste materials in the environment.

It is the process of converting waste materials into new objects or materials; making the best out of waste.


Parents should promote the use of waste materials by kids and should enlighten them about the things to make out of waste. Recycling prevents waste materials from occupying landfills. 

Encourage students to accompany waste products in their art projects and craftworks. In this way, parents can improve creativity in their children.

10 Best Out of Waste Ideas for Class 2

So, how can you embed the idea of reusing in your offspring? We are here to enlighten you on best out of waste for class 2.

As young children, they would find this project very engaging and mesmerizing. You can reuse your old cardboard box for this activity. Now you don't have to pile up your old cardboard boxes, take them out, and kickstart the project.

Things that you need

Cardboard box, ruler, glue, scissors, paper, pencil, and marker.

How to make

  • Cut a rectangle for a base, two equal trapeziums, and twelve equal circles out of the cardboard.

  • Stick two circles together using glue, in order to increase the surface area.

  • Now using scissors, pierce a hole in the centre of the trapeziums and the circles.

  • Stick the trapezium vertically at the ends of the base.

  • Now cover the perimeter of the circles using paper and write down numbers from 0 to 9 in 4 of them and symbols of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication in one of the circles and an equal sign in one of them.

  • Now insert the pencil through the hole of one trapezium and insert the circles, now secure the pencil by inserting it through the other trapezium.

  • Your maths learning machine is all set to explore.

  1. Abacus from old newspapers

Abacus is a thing that excites kids of all ages. Don't waste your newspapers, instead make abacus out of them. This is one of the best out of waste ideas for class 2.

Things you need

Newspapers, barbeque sticks, glue, paint, tape, thermocol and cardboard, coloured papers.

How to make

  • Roll the newspaper on to a stick and create beads. Create a hundred beads using this method. Don't forget to secure the ends using glue.

  • Now colour the beads using paint and dry them. Colour them equally in 10 different colours. This gives us ten sets of beads.

  • Now, tape three barbeque sticks together using cello tape.

  • For creating the base stick the thermocol and cardboard piece together and cover it using coloured paper to make it more attractive. 

  • Now pierce these sticks on to the base.

  • Insert the beads and your abacus is all set for use.

This is an activity that not only helps in recycling but also in improving problem-solving skills.


Things you need

Cardboard, markers, scissors, paper.

How to make

  • Draw columns and rows on the cardboard using markers.

  • Now write numbers that resemble a pattern of your choice.

  • Cut out the squares.

  • Mix the puzzles and ask your kid to solve it.

This activity will give your child insight into the different geometrical shapes. It is a wonderful experience for your child. With this activity, they can familiarise themselves with different mathematical shapes.

Things you need

Cardboard, chart paper, marker, ruler, scissors, and glue.

How to make

  • Cut the two-dimensional shapes using scissors and rulers.

  • Cover it with coloured chart papers.

  • Now adjoin these two-dimensional shapes to make a three-dimensional shape.

  • You can name them using markers for better comprehension.


Saree cartons contribute to a huge amount of waste and this particular best out of waste ideas for school children is highly relevant.

Things you need

Saree carton, coloured papers, scissors, screws, markers.

How to make

  • Cut out two circles from the outer carton.

  • Cover it in coloured papers.

  • Pierce a hole at the centres of the circles and screw them on the inner carton.

  • Write numbers from 0 to 9 on the outline of each of the circles.

  • Now take a coloured paper and cut out a rectangle in its centre and place it on top of the circles.

  • You can spin the circles to reveal a unique two-digit number in the rectangle hole.

  1. Shapes activity 

The amount of waste materials in our homes is increasing day by day and there are innumerable methods to efficiently use these unwanted materials for our benefit. Let's see how can this be turned from waste to the best objects as part of a fun activity.

Things you need

Objects that resemble geometrical shapes from our day to day life. 

How to make

  • Assign your child to find objects which we use on a daily basis.

  • Now ask them to identify the shapes and classify them.

  • This activity enlightens your child about the relevance of maths in everyday life. 

geometrical shapes

This is another effective method to upcycle waste products and is one of the best out of waste ideas for class 2.

Things you need

Cardboard, coloured chart paper, ruler, scissors, pencil, paper cutter, and glue.

How to make

  • Take a cardboard sheet and cover it with the chart paper.

  • Cut four rectangle pieces from another colour chart paper.

  • Now using a paper cutter cut slits in these rectangular pieces in order to slide another paper.

  • Now cut four long strips of another colour chart paper and write numbers from 0 to 1 on it. 

  • Arrange the four rectangle pieces and stick them on the cardboard base.

  • Insert the strips of numbers through it. 

  • Give headings of place value. 

 Here is a fun way to upcycle cardboard boxes. This is one of the best out of waste ideas for class 2. 

Things you need

Cardboard boxes and sheets, markers, glue, scissors, pencil. 

How to make

  • Make two small cylinders and one big cylinder using cardboard.

  • Pierce holes in the centre.

  • Insert them through a pencil. 

  • Now cover the cylinder with numbers and their corresponding words. 

  • Carefully insert this instruction inside a cardboard box. 

  • You can spin the cylinder to match the number and its word. 

Leaves are a great stencil for arts and crafts. Your child can develop artistic talents whilst getting close to nature. This is the best out of waste idea for school children.

Things you need

Paper, paint, leaves, ruler, marker, and scissors. 

How to make

  • Draw the multiplication tables on the chart paper.

  • In order to make it more interesting and fun, ask your child to dip leaves in colours and create backgrounds and patterns.

Children love to make their own stuff and there is nothing more satisfying than that for them. They can develop their leadership skills by taking charge and creating. This is one of the best out of waste material for class 2. 

Things you need

Old cardboard boxes, sketch pens, paint, and glue.

How to make 

  • Create steps using cardboard. 

  • Now adjoin these steps using glue and create the model of a staircase. 

  • Paint it for making it more attractive. 

  • Now starting from the least, write digits from 1 to 10 in each of the steps. 

  • This will familiarise your child with ascending and descending order of numbers. 


Best out of waste activities are important for kids of all grades. These activities enlighten your kids on how to reuse waste products and make the most of them. This improves their motor skills, audio-visual skills, and embed a sense of social responsibility in them.

Waste management is a skill that turns their attention to their environment and should be exercised by your kids from a very young age. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Best Out of Waste Ideas

How to make best out of waste?

There are a bunch of activities through which new items can be made from older materials.

What is recycling?

Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new objects or materials.

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