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10 Best Out of Waste Ideas for Class 6



04 January 2021

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What are the 3 Rs?

Since childhood we have learned the concept of 3 Rs - Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. This can be done by making use of our creativity and intellect. Inside, in this article, we have provided 10 ideas for making things using best out of waste. These ideas for the best out of waste competition are for class 6 level.

The three R, Reuse, reduce, recycle

From every single bottle that we buy to the carton boxes we tear and dispose of, we must realize that every single piece matters. If you bring a change and influence others, we can move towards a better and sustainable lifestyle. You can make useful things from waste materials that can be used to add value to your life or could be used as a gift to someone.

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10 Best Out of Waste Ideas for Class 6


10 Best Out of Waste Ideas for Class 6

Requirements - Paper plate, colours

How to make - 

  • Colour the inner circular side of a paper plate and divide them into equal parts, let's say 7 or 5. 

  • Write on them the part that they represent like 1/5, 1/7, and so on.

  • Cut them out and glue them into the center.

  • Attach a paper stem to make them into flowers. 

Fractional Flowers using paper plates

Requirements: Colored papers, Icecream Sticks, Scissors, Markers, Cello tape, Buttons, An empty round box

How to make:

  • Layer all the colored sheets one above the other and cut an umbrella shape from the same.

  • Attach the ice cream sticks to the same to make the umbrella handles.

  • Write a number on each umbrella.

  • Use glitters and buttons and other things to make this pretty.

Requirements -  Old t-shirt, Scissors

How to make - 

  • Cut out the collar of the t-shirt in a semi-circle manner

  • Cut away the sleeves

  • Turn it inside out and cut the hem 

  • Cut the tassels at the bottom. This should be made about 1 inch away from each other.

  • Knot the tassels. Make tight double knots.

  • Turn the t-shirt inside out again.

Yellow cloth bag

Requirements - Old crayons, Used candles, Wicks, Metal bottle caps, Glue, Hot water, Scissors, Vessel to heat wax, Pan, Stove, Glitter (optional)

How to make -

  • Place the metal bottle cap in a large pan containing hot water for a few minutes. This will allow you to remove the inner plastic lining of the cap easily

  • Cut small lengths of wicks to stick them on the base of the bottle caps

  • Break small pieces of the candle and crayon in the vessel

  • Heat the vessel to melt the wax

  • Pour the mixture in the metal caps

  • Spread it out equally and Sprinkle some glitter 

  • Once the wax cools, trim the wicks accordingly

Requirements - Ice cream sticks, Ribbon, Glue, Paint

How to make -

  • Wash the ice cream sticks

  • Twirl and wrap the ribbon around the stick on the bottom part

  • Use colors to decorate the stick

Avengers ice cream stick bookmarks

Requirements - Old CDs, Cardboard, Paint, Scissors, Glue, Scraps of old fabric

How to make -

  • Trace the outline of the CD on the cardboard and fabric scraps and cut it. You need two cardboard cutouts for one coaster.

  • Stick the cutouts of the cardboard and fabric on both sides of the CDs.

  • Make amazing designs on both sides.

Requirements - Plastic bottle, Paint, Masking tape (optional)

How to make -

  • Paint the bottle 

  • Once the paint dries, top it up with another coat of paint again

  • Make different patterns using colors and masking tape

  • Add flowers and your bottle vase is ready.

Flower vase made out of bottles

Requirements - Milk or juice carton, Paint, Glue, Plastic spoon, Coloured paper, Cutter, Soft book cover, Wool

How to make -

  • Paint the carton box

  • Dilute the glue with water. Apply a thin layer of it on the cartons.

  • Put the colored paper on the cartons for a colorful effect

  • Make a hole on the top of the box to make the door

  • Just below the door, make a cut and insert a plastic spoon to put bird seeds in it

  • Stick the soft book cover on the top to make a roof

Requirements - Tin cans with lids, Nail and hammer, Washers, Paint, Wool string, Glitter

How to make - 

  • Paint the tin cans and decorate using glitter

  • Once it is dried, make a hole at the bottom using a hammer and nail

  • Attach a long piece of wool through the holes of different tins

  • Hang the cans in a way that they overlap or hit each other when the wind blows

Requirements - Tin can, Hammer, Wire, Nail, Pliers, Lights, Paint

How to make - 

  • Poke two holes in the can, one on each side

  • Use a wire to make the handle on both the holes

  • Make various holes around the can with a hammer and nails. 

  • Paint the cans in fun and vibrant colors

  • Once it is dried, put fairy lights or candles inside to turn them into lanterns.

Lanterns made of tin cans


These best out of waste ideas for class 6 will enlighten them to improve their motor skills, audio-visual skills, and other skills alongside embedding a sense of social responsibility in them. Waste management is a skill that turns their attention to the environment. This should be exercised by your kids from a young age. Therefore, we encourage all our readers to start helping kids in this learning process.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Best Out of Waste Ideas

What is reduce in the three Rs?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – these three 'R' words are an important part of sustainable living, as they help to cut down on the amount of waste we have to throw away. 

Reduce the amount of waste you produce.

What activities can you do in applying the 3 Rs?

The three Rs of waste management: Reduce, reuse, and recycle! Practicing all three of these activities every day is not only important for a healthy environment, but it can also be fun.

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