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10 Best Out of Waste Ideas for Class 8



04 January 2021

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What is the best out of waste?

Since childhood we have learned the concept of 3 R’s - Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. This can be done by making use of our creativity and intellect. Inside, in this article, we have provided 10 ideas for making useful things from waste materials. These ideas for the best out of waste are for class 8 level.

From every single bottle that we buy to the carton boxes we tear and dispose of, we must realize that every single piece matters. If you bring a change and influence others, we can move towards a better and sustainable lifestyle. You can make useful things from waste materials that can be used to add value to your life or could be used as a gift to someone.

Reduce, reuse and recycle for a happier earth

Recycling helps to:

  1. Conserve natural resources like paper, wood, forests, etc.
  2. Protect ecosystems and wildlife
  3. Reduce demand for raw materials
  4. Save energy
  5. Cut climate-changing carbon emissions
  6. Acquire a cheaper method than waste collection and disposal
  7. Create jobs

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In this article, we are listing 10 best out of waste ideas for class 8 organized by various schools. We encourage each and every student to make useful things from waste materials and develop the habit of recycling, reducing, and reusing.

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10 Best Out of Waste Ideas for Class 8


10 Best Out of Waste Ideas for Class 8

Requirements: Graph paper(preferable long), white/colorful sheets of paper, scissors, markers

How to make:

  • Take white/colored sheets of paper to make 3D cubes and cuboids by a simple folding method.

  • Color these and give them a look at a building or house.

  • On the graph sheet, draw roads and cars.

  • Assemble the city by placing the buildings and houses on the graph paper and you’re done. This is a great interactive way to understand the concepts of area and perimeter.

area and perimeter city games

Requirements: Cardboard box, colored sheets, glue, scissors, pencil, toilet paper roll.

How to make:

  • Take a colored sheet and cut it into six pieces.

  • Roll the pieces to make them look like bangles.

  • Write sine, cos, tan, etc on one roll and +,-,*, etc on one roll.

  • The idea is to make them look like equations such as sin+cos=tan.

  • Arrange all the rolls after writing all the equations of trigonometry and arrange them on a toilet paper roll.

  • Take a cardboard box and fix the roll inside it and you’re done!

Requirements: 16 tetrahedrons to make the basic tree, Paper in any color you wish, Scissors, Tape

How to make:

  • Cut out the tetrahedron, fold along the solid lines, fold up into the 3D shape.

  • Tuck in the flaps and tape edges.

  • Tape together 4 tetrahedrons to make one large tetrahedron.

  • Tape 4 large tetrahedrons into a larger tetrahedron. This tetrahedron will be composed of 16 tetrahedrons.

Sierpinski fractal triangle

Requirements: Washi tapes in 4 shades, White Chart paper, 4 Scissors, 4 Scales, 4 Dice, and 4 Cars

How to make:

  • Distribute one tape to each kid. 

  • Draw a start line & a finish line on the chart paper.

  • Mark the starting points for each kid.

  • Each child rolls their dice twice. Then find the sum and trace their path by measuring the sum using a scale on the washi tape.

  • Cut the washi tape of the required length and stick it on the chart paper.

  • The person who reaches the finish line first is the winner.

Requirements: 50 - 70 bottle caps, metal wire, a tool to pierce, plier, strong thread

How to make:

  • Make two holes on each side of every bottle cap.

  • Cut the metal wire approximately 2 inches long and pass it through one of the holes of the bottle cap.

  • Wrap the wire around itself and tighten its hold using pliers.

  • Hook the bottle cap to another bottle cap and continue making links. We advise using 6 to 7 caps while making a particular chain.

  • Find a common point of center and attach all the chains together.

  • Now tie all the chains together with a thread to make it hang somewhere in the house.

Bottle cap chimes

Requirements: 36 yogurt cups, Glue, spray paint, Straw wreath

How to make:

  • Apply glue to attach the yogurt cup against the outer rim of the wreath. You have to place 11 such cups on a straw wreath in a similar fashion. Make sure these cups are evenly placed.

  • Create a second ring inside the previous ring. This time the cups will be placed in a similar fashion in between two cups in the outer ring but in a little upright position.

  • Create the third ring again in a similar fashion, with the bottoms facing straight up.

  • Spray paint on everything with your favorite color and make beautiful designs on the same.

Requirements: 9 egg carton, 1 string of LED lamps, Spray paint, Craft knife, wire

How to make:

  • Cut out the cup shape of the egg cartons. 

  • Trim the edges to make them look like flower petals. 

  • Spray paint on these shapes.

  • Make holes in every shape and pass the LED light string through them.

  • Bring them close and attach them in a pattern to make it look like a lamp.

egg Carton lamps

Requirements: Cork, colored wool, cotton ball, buttons, Pipe shaped object, glue, scissors

How to make:

  • The cork will be making the face of the dwarf. Paint it to make it attractive. 

  • Use cotton balls and buttons to make the eyes. 

  • Use colored wool to make hair and complete the face.

  • Use a pipe-shaped object to make a base of the lower body. Cover it with cotton and paint the same.

  • Stick different pipes together to give the shape to the hand and feet.

  • Attach everything together and your dwarf is ready.

Requirements: 4 ice cream sticks, 1 wooden clothespin, Paint, Eraser/Small bead, Glue, Scissors/Cutter

How to make: 

  • Paint the ice cream sticks as well as the clothespin in your favorite color.

  • Cut an ice cream stick into 3 pieces.

  • Join two end pieces in a straight line with glue to make the plane’s propeller.

  • Cut a tiny little bit of eraser and paint it.

  • Stick 2 ice cream sticks to the clothespin in a perpendicular manner.

  • Flip to the other side of the clip and repeat the same.

  • Glue the eraser to the ice cream stick.

  • Stick the propeller on the mouth of the clothespin.

Popsicle stick aeroplane

Requirements: Cardboard, toilet paper roll, colored sheets, scissors, glue, pictures, colored pens.

How to make:

  • Start by cutting two circles from the cardboard of equal size.

  • Paint them or paste colored paper to cover them.

  • Glue it to the ends of the empty toilet paper roll.

  • Take colored sheets and cut them according to the breath of the paper roll.

  • Attach these strips of paper to the toilet paper roll.

  • Paste pictures on one after the other.

  • Keep on doing this as long as you want your photo reel to be.

  • You can decorate it further by using your own creativity.


These best out of waste ideas for class 8 will enlighten them to improve their motor skills, audio-visual skills, and other skills alongside embedding a sense of social responsibility in them.

Waste management is a skill that turns their attention to the environment. This will help them to become responsible citizens in the future and will also encourage them to save money and pass on these lessons to others.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Best out of waste

How to make the best out of waste?

There are a bunch of activities through which new items can be made from older materials.

What is recycling? What is reduce in the three Rs?

Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new objects or materials. Reduce the amount of waste you produce.

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