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Top 10 Schools in Chennai for Admission 2021-2022


06 January 2020

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Education is a step by step process of imparting knowledge from teachers to the students.

It is a process that helps in maintaining the culture and ethics of the society. It empowers people to comprehend the world out of the box and become self-reliant. Modern Education is open and liberal which brings freedom, equality, and humanism to the life of individuals and society as well. 

Chennai is one of the most prominent cities in India. The education system of the city is a blend of old and new schools imparting quality education by combining ancient values with modern teaching styles.

It is a big hub for education. It has some of the best schools and colleges in the country. These schools are affiliated with the CBSE board, ICSE board, NIOS board, Anglo-Indian board, and Montessori system, etc. Here is a list of the best schools in Chennai and some specific information about them, in no particular order:

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Top 10 Schools in Chennai for Admission 2021-2022


Top 10 Schools in Chennai for 2021-2022 Admissions

  1. American International School Chennai

American International School Chennai

Board Affiliation: CIS, MSA, IBO

Website: https://www.aischennai.org/

Address: 100 Feet Road Tharamani Chennai-600113

Foundation: 1995

About: The American International School Chennai (AISC) is one of the best schools in Chennai originally located in a small premise in Alwarpet, moved to the present-day 10-acre facility at Taramani. The then consul general of the American Consulate in Chennai Richard D. Haynes helped the school in getting the land. The school and its program were designed to provide instruction, activities, and facilities for families on expatriate assignments in Chennai. It was also meant to serve as a demonstration center of U.S. educational methods and practices.

Maths Proficiency: AISC follows a balanced approach towards all the subjects for its students. It lays a strong focus on the mental development of a child. It believes maths to be one of the best subjects to develop skills and abilities. 

Mission: “Together we inspire a love of learning, empowering all students with the courage, confidence, creativity, and compassion to make their unique contribution in a diverse and dynamic world.”

Standards Available: Pre KG - Class 12

Infrastructure/Facilities: Athletics, Aquatics, Sports grounds, Library, Auditorium, Labs, Modern day classroom with the latest technology

Other notable activities: SEVAI program, Clubs and Organisations for various events based on student interest, Environmental responsibilities, and Carnivals

  1. SBOA School & Junior College

SBOA School & Junior College

Board Affiliation: CBSE

Website: http://www.sboajc.org/

Address: 18, School Road, Anna Nagar West Extension, Chennai-600101

Foundation: 1975

About: SBOA School and Junior College was founded and is operated by the SBIOA Education Trust. It is run by the State Bank of India Officers Association near Anna Nagar Western Extension, Chennai. It is a community of men and women with a keen sense of Responsibility, Integrity, Initiative, Perseverance, Self- Reliance, Dedication, and Loyalty. This school is one of the best schools in Chennai that has grown over the years leaps and bounds.

Maths Proficiency: SBOA has an IIT foundation course that builds the skills of a student with regard to maths and science. They support students by giving them various math assignments and projects. Solutions and guides are provided at timely intervals.

Mission: A community of men and women with a keen sense of Responsibility, Integrity, Initiative, Perseverance, Self- Reliance, Dedication, and Loyalty. We are a dedicated team working with a mission, To render full, liberal, and comprehensive education, to develop the character, the personality of the child, all-around development and bring out the best in the child's body, mind, and spirit.

Student Count: 9679

Standards Available: KG - Class 12

Faculty Count: 333

Infrastructure/Facilities: Labs, Parks, Health Centre, Reading Corner, Hall, Transport, Multi-purpose Ground, Garden, Canteen, Multimedia Lab, Auditorium

Other notable activities: Foreign languages, Brainstorming sessions, Night study, Special coaching during vacations, Events, Programs, and Festivals

  1. Chettinad Vidyashram

Chettinad Vidyashram Chennai

Board Affiliation: CBSE

Website: http://chettinadvidyashram.org

Address: Rajah Annamalaipuram, Chennai – 600028

Foundation: 1986

About: Chettinad Vidyasharam is a co-educational, independent day school founded by Kumara Rani of Chettinad and Dr.Meena Muthiah, a prominent Chennai based philanthropist and educationalist. The vision was to start an educational institution combining the virtues of art and culture, which will endeavor to raise the integrated child who is not dwarfed by consideration of caste, creed, or community. The school is intent upon developing a new technique in education, a method for drawing out the talents latent in the child. This would be achieved through the promotion of creative activities encouraged by the teachers fostered with love and kindness. In addition to the instruction of the three ‘R’s the school is concerned with the three ‘C’s of real education – culture, creativity, and comradeship. This is the reason we have listed this school in our tops schools in Chennai.

Maths Proficiency: Chettinad Vidyashram has a maths club that organizes various quizzes to upskill the students in mathematics. They come up with regular activities that remove the phobia of maths from students.

Mission: “To strengthen the emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth of its wards by weaning them away from the ills that are clouding our society and threatening to weaken the nation and to help children learn and build self-confidence and imbibe in them the value of service before self.”

Student Count: 10000

Standards Available: Pre KG - Class 12

Faculty Count: 500 approx

Infrastructure/Facilities: Health Checkup facility, Labs, AV Room, Art and Science room, Playground, Smart classes, Library, Canteen, various sports activities, Dining Hall

Other notable activities: MUN, Science day, Cultural Annual Programs, NCC, Scouts

Notable Alumni: GV Prakash, Aishwarya Dhanush, Dinesh Kartik, Gautam Kartik

  1. PSBB School

PSBB School Chennai

Board Affiliation: CBSE

Website: http://www.psbbschools.ac.in/

Address: 29 Alagiri Sami, PT Rajan Rd, K. K. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600078

Foundation: 1959

About: Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan is a group of schools founded by educationalist Rajalakshmi Parthasarathy. Value education is an integral part of the school curriculum. These are not only stranded by a teacher in the form of a monologue but are also invited, absorbed, and practiced both by the students and teachers. The school provides a perfect ambiance for the students ‘to think good and to act well’. ‘Catch them doing good’ is the spirit of difficulty and the students are openly and loudly praise for their achievements.

Maths Proficiency: PSEB organizes various maths workshops for students where they can participate and learn in a fun manner. The teachers here have been rewarded with some of the most prestigious awards in the country. They believe in discipline and regular practice.

Mission: “Provide Holistic And Progressive Education In Tune With The Latest Developments In Education. Enable Children To Appreciate And Imbibe Our Rich Cultural Heritage And Values. Acquire Learning To Learn Skills Through Unique And Innovative Teaching Methods. Develop A Spirit Of Community And Service Mindedness. Groom Students To Be Multi-Facetted Citizens With Well Honed Thinking Skills, Good Communicative Abilities, And High Self-Esteem. Nurture And Promote Talent In Sports And All Co-Curricular Activities.”

Student Count: 2500+

Standards Available: KG - Class 12

Faculty Count: 150+

Infrastructure/Facilities: Sports Grounds, Culture rooms, Library, Dining Tables and Hall, Music Room, Art Room, Science Room, Labs

Other notable activities: Animal Rights Activities, Culture focused Events and Activities

Notable Alumni: Ravichandran Ashwin, Naga Chaitanya, A R Rahman, Allu Arjun

  1. DAV Group of Schools

DAV Group of Schools

Board Affiliation: CBSE

Website: http://davchennai.org/

Address: R-45, 120 Feet road, Mogappair, Chennai-600050

Foundation: 1989

About: D.A.V. Group of Schools (Dayanand Anglo-Vedic schools system) was started by the Arya Samaj with the motto of "Lead us from darkness unto light”. Late Mr. Satyadev, Mr. Lalaindersain, Mr. Malhotra D.C. along with late Mr. Jaidev were the founder heads of the school. Learning at D.A.V. is not restricted to ensuring academic success alone but preparing students to take on global challenges without compromising on “their character their cultures and above all their Indianness.”

Mission: “THE PURPOSE OF EDUCATION is to give to the body and the soul all the beauty and all the perfection of which they are capable of and that, the direction in which students are guided to learning will determine the future course of his life.”

Student Count: 2750

Standards Available: LKG - Class 12

Faculty Count: 100+

Infrastructure/Facilities: 71 Class Rooms, Laboratories, Library, Subject wise rooms, Multipurpose Auditorium, Two Indoor Badminton Courts and Table Tennis Tables, Full-length Playfield, Special Play area for Nursery

Other notable activities: NCC, Road Safety Program, Annual functions and events, MUN, Karate, Inter House Competitions, Trips and Excursions

  1. ST. Bede's Anglo-Indian high secondary school

ST. Bede's Anglo-Indian high secondary school

Board Affiliation: CBSE

Website: http://www.stbedeschennai.org/index.php

Address: No. 37, Santhome High Road, Santhome, Chennai-600004.

Foundation: 1907

About: ST. Bede's Anglo-Indian high secondary school is was started by St. Bede under the able support and guidance of Don Bosco. Started as an orphanage, this school now bags a few of the greatest achievements across the nation. The students here develop spiritual, physical, and mental upliftment and education. They are a dedicated group of professionals with an aim to soar high like an eagle.

Maths Proficiency: St. Bede has regular classes for all the subjects. The electives are divided into three groups and maths is compulsorily taught in all three. They provide students with all the resources and even extra classes for special subjects so that they can improve and learn.

Mission: “It is mainly to develop the character and personality of every child, by imparting sound education based on Christian principles and values adopting the unique 'Preventive System of Don Bosco' - a trademark of all Salesian Institutions.”

Student Count: 2260

Standards Available: LKG - Class 12

Faculty Count: 65 approx

Infrastructure/Facilities: Multipurpose Playground, Sports activities, Auditorium, Library, Cultural rooms, Art room, Science exhibition, Laboratories, Canteen, Dining hall, Stationery counter

Other notable activities: Sports Camps and Tournaments, Boarding school, Religious activities, NCC, YCS, Red Cross society

Notable Alumni: Mahesh Babu, Karthik Raja, Radha Ravi, Vishwanathan Anand

  1. National Public School Gopalapuram

National Public School Gopalapuram

Board Affiliation: AISSCE

Website: https://www.npschennai.com/

Address: 228, Avvai Shanmugam Road, Gopalapuram, Chennai - 600086, Tamil Nadu,

Foundation: 1970

About: National Public School, Gopalapuram, was founded by Dr. K. P. Gopalkrishna and Dr. Santhamma Gopalkrishna. The benchmark of its success has been its admirable record in academics as well as co-curricular programs including the personality development program. The students here are confident, driven, and well-spoken individuals who are ready to strive, to soar, and achieve their dreams.

Maths Proficiency: NPS focuses a lot on numeracy. They have always held a benchmark for mathematics. The students in NPS have scored some of the top ranks in the country in various competitive exams and Olympiad.

Mission: “Continuously evolve teaching-learning strategies to equip students with skills and competencies. Provide a plethora of opportunities to transform themselves into value-driven versatile well-grounded individuals. Enhance staff competencies through rigorous professional development programs. Continue to build constructive relationships with all our stakeholders thereby creating a positive school climate. Enhance IT infrastructure and resources to augment student learning and assessments across scholastic and co-scholastic areas. Strive towards impacting the community undertaking outreach initiatives and environmental projects in the neighborhood.”

Student Count: 1300

Standards Available: KG 1 to Class 12

Faculty Count: 70 approx

Infrastructure/Facilities: Labs, Modern day Classrooms, Theatre room, Art room, Multipurpose Ground, Art room, Library, Music room

Other notable activities: National Quiz Activities, Environment day, Waste Segregation program

  1. Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School

Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School

Board Affiliation: CBSE

Website: https://www.vidya-mandir.edu.in/

Address: 124, Royapettah High Road, Mylapore, Chennai-600004

Foundation: 1956

About: The MLC School Society (Mylapore Ladies’ Club) established a Kindergarten Section on 3rd February 1956 to accommodate the boys in Mylapore and its environs. Over a period of four years, the school developed and was formally opened as Vidya Mandir Matriculation School in 1960. With the motto of ‘Saha Veeryam Karavavahai’ which means ‘May the teacher and the taught work together with energy and vigor to acquire knowledge’, the school has provided its students with everything it takes to fulfill their dreams.

Maths Proficiency: Vidya Mandir houses some of the most eminent mathematics teachers in the country. They provide students with A+ learning. There is an entrance test for all the students to undertake mathematics and science.

Mission: “We believe that children blossom in an environment free of unhealthy fear, that each child will blossom but at different times; so we have to give each one the time, that reward rather than punishment facilitates learning, that we need to teach the way students can learn, the world is beautiful because of the variety.”

Student Count: 2200

Standards Available: LKG - Class 12

Faculty Count: 119

Infrastructure/Facilities: Labs, Grounds, Activity room, AV room, Kids room, Art and Culture room, Smart Classroom, Temple

Other notable activities: Competitions, Fun-fests, Project day, Clubs

Notable Alumni: Srikkanth, Mohan Raman, Ritwik Raja, Abhinav Mukund

  1. KRM Public School

KRM Public School​​​​​​​

Board Affiliation: CBSE

Website: http://www.krmpublicschool.edu.in/

Address: Block No:11, Shanthi Nagar, 2nd Lane, Sembium, (Perambur), Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600011

Foundation: 1975

About: Dean Sri R. Janardhanan and Shri A.R.Ranganathan Chettiar have been forced to start the first-ever school by the neighboring parents who believe in his disciplined quality teaching. The name Montford was christened in memory of two great Yeomen statesmen- Simon de Montford, an English soldier known for his strict discipline and good conduct. Their value-focused academic practices are helping their children to shape themselves to meet the growing challenges of the world.

Maths Proficiency: KRM has a maths lab to encourage students to enthusiastically learn this very important subject. It tries to teach students the complex problems by breaking them into simpler steps. It also lays a strong focus on regular practice.

Mission: “The Mission of the school is to nurture our students to be equipped with a strong mind, body, and spirit to meet the demands of changing life trends. We strive to offer a challenging preparatory curriculum, opportunities for leadership, and superior programs in scholastic and co-scholastic areas, which may help them to achieve their potential to be intelligent, creative, and contributing members of the society.”

Student Count: 3000 approximately

Standards Available: Pre KG - Class 12

Faculty Count: 200 approximately

Infrastructure/Facilities: Labs, Video and Book Library, Canteen, Transportation, Sports Ground, Skating Rink, Multipurpose Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis court

Other notable activities: Hobby day, Robotics, Aeromodelling, Scouts, Science day, Culture Day, After School Extra-Curricular Classes, Adventure, and Trekking

  1. ASAN Memorial Senior Secondary School

ASAN Memorial Senior Secondary School​​​​​​​

Board Affiliation: CBSE

Website: http://asancbse.com/

Address: Cochin House, 1, Anderson Rd, Thousand Lights West, Gandhi Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600006

Foundation: 1996

About: The Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School is recognized as the first CBSE school in Chennai. It was founded in memory of the renowned Malayalam poet Mahakavi Kumaran Asan and is run by the Asan Memorial Association. The school is spacious with an area of around 3 acres and situated in the heart of the city. It is equipped with all the modern technology that is required to provide a holistic approach to the students.

Mission: “The objective of Asan Memorial Educational Institutions in addition to imparting education is to equip students with knowledge through job-oriented courses, good character, and a true sense of human value.”

Student Count: 3000

Standards Available: KG 1 to Class 12

Faculty Count: 100+

Infrastructure/Facilities: 3 Acre Ground for all the sports, Indoor Games Room, Canteen, Auditorium, Library, Playschool, Transportation

Other notable activities: NCC, Youth Red Cross, Road Safety program, Annual inter-school fest, Festival celebrations

Notable Alumni: Ajith Kumar


Among other schools with many other qualities and facilities, is this list of the Top 10 schools in Chennai, well-equipped for imparting the best education to your child. To get more details about the mentioned schools, please visit their specific websites. The information gathered is through various sources and the official websites of the schools.

Our aim is just to provide you Chennai's best schools with an overview and comparison. Do share your review and feedback. We would love to hear from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Best schools in Chennai

Which is the number one school in Chennai?

 The American International School Chennai (AISC) is one of the best schools in Chennai originally located in a small premise in Alwarpet, moved to the present-day 10-acre facility at Taramani.

Is Chennai good for education?

Chennai is home to many educational and research institutions. IIT Madras, located in South Chennai is considered the premier center of engineering education in India. Anna University and the University of Madras are the oldest state-owned universities which are ranked among the best universities in India.

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