Attitude is the Key to Improve Math Skills


A ‘can do’ attitude is the key to improving math skills in children

June 7, 2018

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A common question that many parents seem to have is ‘how to influence a child behaviour so that they become great at math?’. While teaching math in interesting ways is critical to improving math skills in children, it is certainly not enough.

One of the most important ways in which  you can improve your child’s math skills is, by building a ‘can do’ attitude in  them. This mindset can be built into them through constant motivation and support  which you have to provide to your child. 

Here are some of the things that you can do while teaching mathematics to him/her:

  • Mathematics is not too difficult: Tell your child that mathematics is not as difficult as it looks like. It is certainly not a subject which is meant only for the nerds. Everyone can  learn it and become good at it if they try and work hard for it.
  • It is fine to be wrong sometimes: It is impossible for anyone to get every math problem correct. Tell your child that if they get a problem wrong, then they should understand  the mistake and try not to repeat it. Make them do the corrections and then move on to the next problem without getting worried or depressed. 
  • Help them overcome the weaknesses: A critical step in which you can help your child to learn Math is to understand the areas where he / she is struggling. Thereafter, work systematically to help him/her overcome the weaknesses. Spend time on these lessons and explain the concepts multiple times till the child understands them fully and gains the confidence to do well.
  • Practice rigorously: Making mathematics too theoretical will make the child get bored easily. So introduce practical activities life solving math problems and puzzles and play math games with him/her. Constant practice will enable the child to practically apply the lessons learnt.
  • Enhance speed: Once the child has understood the concepts  clearly, focus on enhancing the speed at which he or she solved math problems. This is extremely important in boosting the confidence levels of the child. A good speed is going to  come in very useful during the math examinations and will help the child to score good marks in math.

Give your child all the support that is required to develop a can do attitude. This helps them to enjoy learning math and improve their math skills remarkably.

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