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Its celebration time,Cuemath turns 5!


Its celebration time,Cuemath turns 5!

December 21, 2018

growth of cuemath

Cuemath is celebrating its 5th birthday, and we’re thrilled to have you as a part of our journey. From starting as a vision to change the way children across the country learn math, to becoming India’s No. 1 math learning program- we’ve come a long long way.

Here’s what parents had to say about their journey with Cuemath-

“Math has always haunted me with its various formulae and derivations. Naturally I wanted my son to excel at the subject and not fear it like I did. With Cuemath I can see him learning, growing and widening his horizons by applying the concepts he learnt during class.”- Priyanka Khatter

“Cuemath has recognised the uniqueness of my child and is helping his reach his potential. The workbooks builds interest in math concepts and the puzzle cards puts his understanding to the test and engages his critical reasoning skills.”- Richa Gupta

“After joining Cuemath last year, my 6-year-old daughter Aarohi has shown major improvements in her math learning approach. She is now eager to attend classes and has a sharp inclination towards Math which is not typically seen in kids her age. My sincere thanks to Cuemath for creating a platform to which provides the best teachers and practices for my kid and makes Math learning fun”- Kumar Kunal

“I don’t want to do math” used to be my son’s reaction whenever we would ask him to do his maths homework. After enrolling with  Cuemath we started seeing the change in him just after 3 months, he started loving math slowly and his marks in math also improved. Cuemath is doing a great job by making kids fall in love with math.

Keep it up!” – Vivekanand

“Our son was so scared of the subject, he kept putting his homework off till the last moment. We tried various ways to cover the conceptual gaps but could not. When we started with Cuemath we could see a noticeable improvement, he developed an interest in doing math exercise. Sincere thanks to Cuemath methodology as well as the teacher.” – Alpana Nandedkar

I found that my daughter has off late not performing well in math. That is when I got to know about cuemath class through one of my friends. I took her to the cuemath class and seeing the other kids she instantly agreed to join the cuemath tuition. Post joining there was a lot of changes in her approach towards the math subject.she developed so much of confidence and it was visible in her test marks too. She started scoring good marks in her school tests. I was glad that she started loving the subject, nowadays she’s very confident and cool when it comes to maths. It’s all because of cuemath and I’m glad I chose this for my daughter. – Dr. Anupama

Join us in the celebrations and let Cuemath help your child develop mathematical thinking today!

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