Positive Character Traits For Kids to Succeed


15 January 2021

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Want to instil good personality traits in your child? Confused about the essential character traits for kids that you must work on? Browse through our list of character traits for students – preschoolers and kindergarteners both to provide them valuable lessons for a lifetime.

Character Traits: Why It’s Important to Develop them at a Young Age?

As parents, we all aspire our kids to become the best versions of themselves. We want them to be as happy and generous as we wish to see them succeed. The easiest and the best way to do so is to understand and bring the characteristics of a healthy child into your bub’s life. If you want to ensure your child becomes a healthy individual - mentally, physically, and emotionally, you must cultivate positive character traits in him or her.

Parents who don’t take character traits seriously end up regretting when their child transitions from childhood to teenage. Such a child is more likely to become violent, aggressive, introverted, and sometimes, depressed. It is hence; best to shape your child's personality at a young age to avoid handling unpredictable changes later in life.

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It is very crucial to develop character traits for kids at a young age because children are quick learners. Developing character traits in your kid may take some time and effort but it doesn't require any formal training. You can provide them with easy life lessons by sharing your life experiences, telling stories, and taking inspiration from the surroundings.

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10 Positive Character Traits to Teach Your Kids | Character Traits List

If you are constantly worried about shaping your child's persona and character, you need to think the other way.

Smart parents nurture their kids by sinking into their personality traits and moulding them in the right way.

Thus, parents need to work on the top positive character traits for kids to see their kiddos evolve into better and more social versions of themselves.

Here is the top ten character traits list that you must develop in your child at a young age:


Honesty is one of the most essential character traits for kids that children must grasp at a young age. It helps your child gain a sense of differentiating between right and wrong. Moreover, it also makes them morally stronger, more ethical, and responsible in life. Honest kids grow up to be reliable individuals and successful professionals.


  •  Read moral stories focusing on honesty to them.
  • Tell them the bad effects of dishonesty.
  • Be their role model. Teach them to admit and confess without fear or hesitation by being honest with them.
  • Play truth and dare with them and keep the questions as well as the activities according to their age.
  •  Appreciate them whenever they admit a mistake and react thoughtfully.
  • Give them a small treat whenever they are honest with you.
  •  Allow them to understand the importance of honesty and practice it gradually.
  • Do not force them to learn it in a single day.


Another way to adopt a strong character trait in your child is to favour optimism and help them practice it. Make your child believe that continuous efforts make them better and failures are opportunities to improve tomorrow. Optimistic kids grow up to be more participative and enthusiastic in all phases of life. Also, they have better personal growth and improved health than those who don't.


  • Make gentle yet consistent efforts to foster optimism in your child.
  • Practice it yourself for your child to adopt it easily without you having to make more efforts.
  • Be available for them whenever they are irritated by a failure.
  • Identify their struggle and help them correct it.
  • Set small goals and challenges for them.
  • Each time they get average or low grades, help them perform better but do not force them.


It is very easy to cultivate patience in optimistic children as both of these character traits go hand in hand. Each time your child fails to achieve what he wants, empathize and teach him to be patient. Do not allow him or her to be frustrated and focus on eliminating the root cause.


  • Be patient with them, even when they are stubborn or fussy.
  • Listen to them and be prepared for frustrations when they can’t be patient.
  • Appreciate their patient behaviour each time they react better, even for a second.
  • ·Bake with them to let them understand the virtues of being patient and rewarded with the outcomes.


Curiosity is a blessing as it makes children more creative and enhances their personal growth. It makes them observe their surroundings better and seek answers to their confusion and questions. Eventually, it helps them confront new challenges and come up with new ideas.


  • Let your child ask questions.
  • Answer all of their questions patiently.
  • Motivate them to notice things around and question mechanisms.
  • Surprise them occasionally.


Bravery is one of the most important life lessons you should focus on while raising your child. It helps your child stand up for the truth and overcome their fears. Brave kids confront difficult life situations in a better way than others.


  • Allow them to be self-dependent and let them do what they are capable of, such as keeping their plate in the sink, getting a water bottle from the refrigerator, making their bed, etc.
  • Share their struggles and let them know that you have their back.
  • Understand their fears and help them overcome them bit by bit.
  • Do not let anything overpower them.
  • Appreciate when they are courageous such as going to the washroom alone, opening a door at night, etc.

Hard Work

We all have to work hard to be successful in life. Then why not instil this value at a young age in our children? Hard-working children are more patient and optimistic in life. They grow up to be leaders wherever they go.


  • Set a small goal and help them achieve it.
  • Teach them to work with more efforts each time they “fail”.
  • Praise their efforts when they practice hard work.
  • Set examples in front of them.
  • Let them struggle and try doing certain things on their own.

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It is very crucial to encourage children to be grateful and full of gratitude for all they have. When you nurture values of gratefulness in your kids, they grow up to be kinder and more compassionate. They also get more patient and practice self-control.


  • Do not complain in front of them.
  • Be more appreciative and say thank you to them.
  • Pray and encourage them to thank God for all the blessings.
  • Ask them to make a gratitude jar and write what they are grateful for.
  • Take them along whenever you go to donate.


Teaching punctuality and valuing others' time can make your child positive and excel at a young age. Punctual kids are more responsible and perform better in their academics. It makes them better and more reliable professionals in their careers.


  • Set a realistic timetable for them.
  • Appreciate it when they keep up with their deadlines.
  • Help them adhere to their to-do lists.
  • Wake up early and help them stick to a particular routine.
  • Point out the negative effects of being late whenever you see someone rush in front of them.


Punctuality and discipline are interconnected largely. It is very easy to make punctual children understand and practice discipline. Disciplined kids are more successful in their lives and have a happy and healthy charisma. They are more respectful and responsible.


  • Listen to them patiently.
  • Teach them the importance of being a good listener.
  • Set a productive routine for them.
  • Make rules and tell them why it is good to follow them.
  • Patiently depreciate when they are loud or frustrated.


If you want to develop your child's character to grow up into a more social and responsible individual, it is very important to teach them about helpfulness. Helpful kids are great at teamwork activities and grow to be considerate in the future.


  • Ask for their help in household chores such as folding the laundry, setting the dining table, watering the plants, etc.
  • Encourage them to help people across the streets.
  • Teach them to share with others.
  • Say “Thank You” each time they are helpful to you.
  • Teach them to express gratitude and be empathetic with others.


If you want to develop the positive character traits for students shared above, you need to pay equal attention to yourself. It is as important to be a positive and appreciative parent to strengthen your bond with your child. Here is what you can do to be a positive parent:
Understand that your child may not be able to learn everything at once.

  • Take time to teach them life lessons gradually.
  • Keep your expectations low.
  • Do not react abruptly when your kids make a mistake.
  • Be a good listener to promote positivity in your home.
  • Be more patient and practice self-control.
  • Stay calm and be ready for fussy, unpredictable reactions.
  • Make more eye contact and try explaining things more easily.

The Bottom Line

We hope we helped you find the most important character traits for kids that you must cultivate in your child at a young age. Although it is your perpetual responsibility to influence your child with positive character traits, remember to go slow and steady. Do not force your kid to change overnight. Most importantly, be their role models by practising what you preach!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the characteristics of a healthy child?

  • Here is a list of character traits for students that helps a child become happy and healthy.
  • Optimism
  • Gratitude
  • Kindness
  • Helpfulness
  • Punctuality
  • Patience
  • Curiosity
  • Hard work

2. Why are positive character traits for kids important?

Children who possess positive character traits are happy and healthy. They achieve success both academically and personally. They pursue a good attitude towards life and confront difficult life challenges easily.

3. What are some Thanksgiving crafts that parents can make with kids?

It is best to be involved in your child’s academics and crafts to help them build positive self-esteem and appreciate their creations. Some craft ideas that you can do with your kids are:
·         Making face masks
·         Baking and decorating a pizza
·         Paper quilling

4. Why is Turkey the most important creation in Thanksgiving crafts?

While nobody knows the real reasons how Turkey earned a place of honour at the dining table on Thanksgiving, it has been served as the main meal for decades. This popularity has now made Turkey a “theme” for Thanksgiving decorations, crafts, and more.

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