When children enjoy what they’re learning they learn math better

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When children enjoy what they’re learning they learn math better

June 7, 2018

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Children  are playful beings and  they learn the best when they enjoy the lessons being taught to them. Unfortunately, many children nowadays find school to be quite uninteresting, since they have to go through a set curriculum and are taught in a theoretical way.  As a result of this,  they find it difficult to learn math and other subjects and their foundation becomes weak.

As parents and teachers, it is our responsibility to ensure that the children enjoy what is being taught to them. This can be done by utilizing the latest technology and various innovative teaching approaches that are effective enough to develop the interest of the student in math.

The benefits of making students learn math is an enjoyable way are many:

Their attention levels go up: When students find learning math enjoyable they pay full attention to it without getting distracted. They enjoy participating in the class proceedings and  math game activities, and automatically start learning a lot  through experiential learning.

They develop varied interests: When they find a subject to be interesting they will automatically will want to  go beyond the textbooks  and try to learn as much as they can. This will expand their horizon of knowledge and eventually help them to choose a career for themselves when they grow up.

How to help the children enjoy what they are learning ?

Make the lessons practical oriented:  While teaching mathematics, try to relate the lessons to things that the student sees around them every day.  This will help them to correlate theory with practice, and  their understanding will become clearer.

Focus on activities: In application oriented subjects like math, the teachers should focus more on the practice then on the theory. Various math games, quizzes competitions and class discussions can be organised by the teacher to increase the fun quotient and make the classes more effective.

Appreciate their achievements:  Children love to be appreciated and they get motivated to work even harder when they know that someone is noticing their good work. So always appreciate the efforts that your child is putting into learning math. This will give them a lot of encouragement and boost their confidence.

Keep these points in mind while teaching your child to make them learn math in a very enjoyable way. The interest that they will develop out of this will remain with them for a lifetime and lead them to a path of success.

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