Childs' Math Anxiety & Parents' Attitude towards Math

June 7, 2018

parent in worry

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Math anxiety is a problem which children face very commonly. This is because of the fact that they feel that math is a very difficult subject which is sometimes nearly impossible to  grasp. The way in which math is taught in schools is also very boring, which does little to generate their interest towards math.

It will however be incorrect to blame school solely for generating math anxiety in children. However improbable it may sound, the parents are often the source of such fear. Sometimes they do or say things which has a negative impact on the confidence levels of the child, resulting in an increased math anxiety.

 Here are some of the common mistakes that parents make teaching math to their children:

  1. They give a negative impression about math: Many parents are not careful about how they are communicating with their child. They tend to say things which are perceived in a negative sense by the child and unnecessarily the child starts to think that math is difficult. While teaching your child, always try to emphasize on how he / she can become proficient in the subject with some understanding and  practice. Do not give the child the negative impression that math is  a very difficult subject which they should be worried about.
  2. They don’t help the child at home: Many parents have themselves been afraid of mathematics  since their childhood and this fear grips them once again when they try to teach their children. They end up not being able to help the child with math at all, which in turn develops a Math anxiety in their children. 
  3. Eliminates the urge to try: Some parents also give an impression to the child that it is okay to not to be good at math since they can do many other things in the future. This results in the child not trying to learn Math in a proper way and the Math anxiety stays with them forever. It also gets transferred to the next generation when they grow up.

An essential part of right parenting is to avoid any of these mistakes right from  when the child starts to learn math. Even if you have not been very comfortable with math yourself, do not give that impression to your child. Let him explore the world of mathematics with a free and relaxed mind and support the child in every way so that they become strong in math over time.

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