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What are the fun Christmas activities for preschoolers?


31 December 2020

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Looking for a fun and easy activities to keep your preschooler engaged as you prepare for Christmas? Want to instill festive cheer while helping your child learn some great skills?

Browse through our list of top Christmas activities for preschoolers to keep your bub busy and build his excitement for the holidays.

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📥 Christmas Activities for Preschoolers


Christmas Holidays: A Plethora of Fun & Learning

Cozy nights, family gatherings, busy streets, wrapped presents, and beautiful decorations - are you already excited for Christmas to come?

Do you know who is more excited than you? Your kids, of course! After all, it is that magical time of the year when they get their favorite presents and get to engage with their family to plan the celebrations.

From cleaning to decorating, shopping to wrapping, music to cuisine, Christmas comes with a lot of zest and chaos. While kindergarteners and middle schoolers are quite easy to keep engaged during the holiday season, it is a challenge for parents to keep toddlers and preschoolers busy.

Happy kids excited to celebrate Christmas and Christmas holidays

If you are also worried about managing your kiddos amidst all the festive planning, you must check some Christmas activities for preschoolers. Not only these activities are fun and engaging, but also they contain important Christmas lessons for preschoolers. Browse through our list of ten interesting Christmas activities for kids to help them learn many new things.

10 Best Christmas Activities for Preschoolers 

Christmas is one of the best times of the year to build a strong bonding with your child and teach them the importance of spending time with family. So, if you are looking for fun and interesting Christmas lessons for preschoolers, here are the top activities we recommend.

1. Snowman Clay Modelling

One of the best Christmas activities for preschoolers is to buy them good quality modeling clay. Help them make basic spheres of two different sizes.

Father is playing clay toy with kid

Assemble them and decorate the snowman with a red-colored muffler, black eyes, poky nose, and three-fingered arms. Clay modeling develops fine motor skills and helps improve eye-hand coordination in toddlers.

2. Christmas Tree Alphabets

Our next suggestion for educational and fun Christmas preschool activities is to do the Christmas Tree Alphabets Activity with your child.

Draw a Christmas tree and ask your preschooler to first color it and then proceed on writing the alphabets one by one. Depending on their knowledge and practice, you can intensify the activity by giving them upper case as well as lower case alphabets.

You can do your variations of this activity to enhance their concepts about the alphabet and get them to practice interestingly. You can also write down the alphabets yourself and ask your child to connect or sort them in ascending order.

3. Dotted Christmas Tree

Another pen and paper activity on our list, this dotted Christmas tree is every child’s favorite. Draw a dotted Christmas tree and ask your preschooler to trace the lines to complete the drawing.

Cute coloring for kids with santa claus in chimney

The careful tracing improves visual-spatial skills as well as concentration in toddlers. Preschoolers also get a better grip on holding a pencil and improving their handwriting skills through this activity.

4. Christmas Colour Sorting

Give your child a better sense of colors through pictures associated with Christmas. Print out bells, stocking, Christmas tree, garland, snowman, leaves, etc. in different colors.

Ask your child to pay attention and pick the right colored object. This activity will help you get a better understanding of the things your child pays attention to. It will also help children learn about the right color coordination.

5. Christmas Tree Decoration

If you are looking for some Christmas activities for kindergarten kids as well, this activity is a good fit for them. Draw a Christmas tree on a large sheet of paper and stick it on the wall.

Cut out some decorative Christmas elements and place double-sided tape on them as well as on the tree.

Female hands close up, decorating christmas tree with red balls

Ask your child to paste the objects on the tree and decorate them however they like. This activity improves hand-eye coordination in kids and helps foster their creativity and imagination.

6. Christmas Shape Sorting & Counting

Draw a Christmas tree and decorate it with basic shapes in different sizes. Use triangles to represent the Santa Hat, cubes and cuboids for presents, circles for ornaments, etc.

Ask your child to count the shapes and sort them. Depending on the age and knowledge of your child, you can be more creative in this activity.

7. Gifts Knot Tying

If your child ages three and above, this is an interesting activity to strengthen his hand muscles and develop bilateral coordination.

Use a cardboard box and wrap it as a present. You can also fill it with some candies and munchies to add to the excitement. Give a wide ribbon to your child and teach them how to tie a knot.

Woman and her daughter wrapping christmas presents

This not only makes them more curious and thrilled but also makes them more concentrated and hardworking.

8. Building Blocks Christmas Tree

Blocks encourage children to be more innovative and develop their favorite structures. Ask them to use building blocks to make a Christmas tree and see what they come up with.

Help them make bigger and better structures to improve their attention span.

9. Flipping and Finding Ornaments

Although you can find many printables online, you can also create this activity with pen and paper easily.  

Draw a 4x4 square pattern and sketch eight objects in a set of two same ones randomly. Cover all the tiles with 16 coins or so.

A child trying to identify ornaments in a Christmas tree

Ask the child to only pick up two coins at a time and match the same objects. This activity is more fun when executed. It helps improve the memory power and concentration in preschoolers.

10. Surprise Pop

Blow up a lot of different sized and colored balloons. Fill them with candies, sparkles, toys, and other treats.

Portrait of screaming girl with christmas present

Ask your child to guess the contents inside each balloon and pop to find the real item. This activity makes them more attentive and happy. The popping sounds of balloons also help preschoolers cope with unexpected noises and situations in life.

What are the ways to encourage your preschooler to try these Activities? (Break the Gadget Addiction)

It is very common for preschoolers to be glued to the screens these days. With no proper activity routines, toddlers are getting more and more addicted to gadgets.

Here are a few ways you can indulge your child in Christmas activities to keep them busy and away from the screens:

  • Set a realistic routine and help your child follow it.
  • Be his or her role model and be very patient.
  • Read Christmas stories to make your child more interested in the upcoming celebrations.
  • Do not force your bub to do an activity if he is not in the mood. Or else, you will end up getting him irritated and avoiding fun activities.
  • Avoid using your phone to help them get over their addiction.
  • Involve all the family members in the activity to make it more interesting for the preschooler.
  • Do not expect your child to always be interested in the activity you find great.
  • Take them along for shopping to help them notice the decorations and the festive aura.  


Ready to make interesting lesson plans for Christmas?

We hope you found these activities useful to plan your preschool Christmas curriculum at home. We recommend beginning with the easiest versions of each activity and transition to more complicated versions with time.

Not just your child, you can be equally creative too while designing or planning the activities. Remember to be as engaged as possible to make the learning experience more useful and enriching for your child. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why should I plan Christmas activities for kindergarten kids and preschoolers?

You can involve your child in the cleaning and the decoration process before Christmas. Ask for their help to grab stuff and try to enhance their vocabulary. Plan fun activities for them and try to do it at the same time every day to set their routine.

2. Why should my child play with puzzles?

If you are designing your own Christmas preschool curriculum for your child, you must try planning activities of all types. Focus on improving their physical as well as mental strengths. Plan some activities that strengthen their academic concepts such as alphabets, numbers, colors, etc. For the rest, you should keep fun activities that improve hand-eye coordination, memory power, concentration, hand muscles, etc.

3. How to make the preschool Christmas curriculum at home?

If you want to design your kid's preschool curriculum at home, you can choose one of the activities listed above. Furthermore, you can also design your own activities and curriculum by navigating through multiple lesson plans online.

4. What are some easy lesson plans for Christmas?

To make Christmas interesting and fun, you can engage your child in some of these activities:

  • Clay modeling
  • Knot tying
  • Dots tracing
  • Colouring
  • Sorting

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